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by Patty and Ray Ortiz on Carini Heating and Air Conditioning
wonderful service

We have had the pleasure of having Carini come to work on our AC unit. They had to upgrade our unit and it took them an entire day. They showed up promptly in the morning and worked the entire day until 8:00 PM. They did an amazing job of cleaning up and keeping us informed as to what they were doing and how long it would take. We were so very happy with the service and would recommend them. We will call the company in the future. We were so very pleased.

Outstanding Service and Company

Living in Allied Gardens for many years, we did not need to have a Central A/C unit since the Mission Valley breeze would cool off our house every night. Over the past 3-4 years, the weather has increased greatly and we were not comfortable with our portable A/C unit and fans anymore. We decided to get a new furnace and have a Central A/C unit installed in our house. We had five contractors come out to offer us bids, etc. and we decided to choose Carini Heating and A/C due to the professionalism and expertise of the owner, Gabe Carini and his staff.
Carini Heating and A/C was not the least expensive quote and not the most expensive quote, but the price we were quoted was very fair and we cannot be happier. Gabe performed a Manual J test to determine the size of the unit needed per the tested square footage of our house. I was so impressed with Gabe and how long he was at our house testing everything and explaining what they were going to do – no other contractor performed a Manual J test, so that was another selling point. Gabe also insisted on getting a City Permit and would not install the system without one, which only one other contractor recommended.
We had our system installed in August 2014 with two additional vents, an all-new ducting system and blow in attic insulation. We cannot be happier with the installation, the HERS Testing and the efficiency of the new system. We ended up getting the Rheem 96% efficiency furnace and a Rheem 2.5 ton 16 Seer system – we also received a rebate from SDG&E. This system is so efficient that the cost is about 1/3 the price of using our portable A/C and fans.
The thermostat is a color touch screen with Wi-Fi and it is so awesome and easy to adjust – you can also access your system via computer, etc. so that you can make adjustments while away from home. Every day we are so thrilled to have A/C that we cannot believe we lived without it for so long. All the sweaty days and nights of being miserable are finally over. Overall, we are very happy and "Cool" customers who highly recommend Carini Heating and A/C to all who will finally break down and install a new Central A/C system. The weather is just going to keep getting hotter and hotter, so why wait to be comfortable. Give Carini Heating and A/C a call, you will be very happy that you did and I know Gabe and his staff will treat you well and like family.

attic fan

On May 20th, 2015, Carini Heating and Air installed a high end attic fan. They did a fantastic job of installing it and at a fair cost to me, had someone come in and drywall and paint. So by the end of the day, the project was completely finished and done extremely well. I have not written a review before on anything, but I was so impressed with Bowen and his work ethic that I had to let others know how good a company like Carini Heating and Air is.

3 Zone Fujitsu Mini Split in Allied Gardens

There are a few reasons I wanted to write this review for Carini Heating and Air. As a single mom I always sort of dread the idea of meeting with contractors in my house, but my best friend told me about the great experience she had with Carini, and how she felt very safe and secure when first meeting with the owner of the company, Mr. Carini, and then she felt the same when the installation crew came to do the job. So before talking about the actual system they installed, I want to say that I my experience was the same as my friend's - safe, secure and the crew was super respectful of my house and my pets. Now about the system. I have an older home and the attic is pretty small. There was some ducting in the attic, very old and worn out, and other ducting between the floor and ceiling for the upstairs. So I liked the idea of the Fujitsu mini split, about its energy efficiency and the way we could have it installed without cutting into the plaster ceiling to air conditioning the upstairs rooms. I love that I can only air conditioning or heat a specific room or set of rooms, so I don't have to waste energy conditioning rooms that I'm not using. I'll find out for sure this summer how much lower my utility bill will be, but I'm confident that it will be a lot less than if we installed a regular system with ducts in the walls, ceiling and attic. I have had chance to use the system for both heating and air conditioning so far, and it worked great for both. I recommend Carini!

Mini split in art studio

I had part of my garage converted into an art studio at our house on Mt. Helix. We have central AC in the house and looked at the option of running some ducting from the house to the garage. But after getting a load calculation on the house from Carini, we learned that the system inside the house was running at capacity for the size of the house, the type of windows, doors and exposures. One option was to install a window AC unit for the studio, but found that these systems require a lot of power and are not considered energy efficient and probably couldn't have kept the studio cool during our hot summers up here. So we decided to have Carini install a Fujitsu mini split system and I can say that it was one of the best decisions we've ever made for a home appliance. The unit does both heating and air conditioning, and I since it isn't connected to the big system in the house, I don't have to feel guilty about wasting energy in the house and keeping the system on inside while I'm working in the studio. It cools off the room very quickly and heats up just as fast on cold days.

Best Ever Experience!

We live in the San Carlos area in San Diego. We have made it without AC in our home for 35 years but, with our increasingly hotter environment, we finally made the decision to add it when we needed a new furnace. Our home was built in the late 50's and still had it's original duct work. It also has 2 additions that had no ducts at all making our HVAC project somewhat challenging. Carini HVAC was recommended to us by a realtor friend late in our "getting estimates" process. I was already exhausted by the process but couldn't pass on Carini after getting such rave reviews from our friend! I also researched Carini HVAC on Google, Yelp and the BBB and found only positive ratings in all regards. The Carini HVAC technician who completed our estimate, Bowen Smith, was couteous, knowledgeable and creative. He had solutions for our HVAC needs that no other local HVAC company technician had even considered. Bowen recommended central heating and air (RHEEM) for the original part of our home and wall mounted mini splits, (ductless units by Fujitsu) for the addition. The Carini proposal gave us all new ducts, more HVAC coverage and technology, electrical upgrades and efficiency for a lower cost than the other two, very well known local companies from whom we had gotten estimates. Our installation was scheduled in a timely manner and Bowen and his crew were amazing! They were on time, respectful, hard working and very careful with our home and yard. The electrical subcontractor, Parkllan Electric, did a fantastic job of adding dedicated lines for both systems and upgrading our existing voltage. The job was completed as scheduled and we are thrilled with the work and our new comfort level. Carini HVAC promises 100% customer satisfaction and timely customer service. We highly recommend Carini HVAC!

Great Air Conditioning Installation in El Cajon/Dehesa

My family has a home in the Dehesa area and we vowed last year that we wouldnt go another summer without air conditioning. We are a member of Angie's List and after researching several different companies, decided to add Carini Heating and Air to the list of estimates we wanted to get. There are a lot of good heating and air companies that work in East County and we got bids on Rheem, Trane and York equipment from both big and small companies. We eventually chose Carini because their owner, Gabriel Carini gave us the most complete estimate and seemed to be the most knowledgeable about the equipment, energy efficiency and what we really needed at the best price. It wasnt the lowest bid but it wasnt the highest either, and we have to say that they installation crew was clean, on time and communicated what was going on throughout the job. We would use them again and are confident to recommend them to friends and family.

It may not be a big deal to everyone but the company is very active in community service activities and giving back to the community always a nice extra for when we choose a contractor or other kind of business for our family.

My Rheem furnace in Del Mar

I needed service on a furnace that we have had in our house in Del Mar for almost 18 years. It was working fine until December but then one day it had a funny smell and then no longer worked. I found Carini Heating and Air Conditioning on YELP and saw they had good ratings. I also read reviews about them and had their service man come to check the system. The man, Anthony, took a lot of time an explained that a newer furnace could save on energy use and the warranty was good (it was a Rheem heater). I have been very happy with the performance since it was installed. Good work by the company.

HERO Financing for our HVAC purchase in San Diego

We used the HERO financing program to fund our new heating and air conditioning installation in our house in San Diego. The process was simple, the rate was good and it is tax deductible!

Great air conditioning system service

Your service technician came out to diagnose a problem with our Lennox air conditioning system last week. Not only did he fix the problem quickly, but he also found a disconnected duct under the house, which was a problem we didn't even know we had. The price for the service was fair and we liked that he wore show covers and was overall very professional.

D. Carr
San Diego

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