Vintage Air conditioning & Heating Systems for Homes

San Diego’s historic neighborhoods have unique air conditioning, heating and ventilation requirements. Their original architectures and structures are not capable of accommodating those easily-installed, pre-fab systems that many HVAC companies offer. So for those “special needs” homes, Carini Air Conditioning and Heating offers specialized air conditioning & heating systems for homes in areas including Kensington, Mission Hills, North Park, La Jolla and other areas where the homes were constructed between the early 1900′s and the 1950′s. When it comes to retrofitting older systems and taking on remodeling projects, Carini has created custom systems that compliment the vintage home while providing state-of-the-art technology. Owners of historic properties have been so pleased with our work that entire neighborhoods have turned to us for their retrofitting needs.

Custom and Remodeled Homes

Custom homebuilders from throughout the greater San Diego area depend on Carini to install HVAC systems for their prized homes. Families who are discerning enough to design and create their own home demand precisely controlled HVAC systems. We here at Carini understand our area’s varied climates, and our ability to adapt to any type of design specification makes us the HVAC company of choice to many contractors and homeowners of San Diego’s “dream homes.”


Retrofitting – the process of bringing old AC and heating systems up to code and making them work more efficiently- is one of our specialty areas.

If you have a heating and/or cooling system that no longer functions properly, or you simply have grown tired of our area’s increasingly extreme weather patterns – we invite you to contact us. There are hundreds of HVAC companies in San Diego, but very few that will offer an alternative to purchasing an entirely new system. Prior to giving you a recommendation, we will inspect your current system, discuss your needs and priorities, and offer options to fit your unique circumstances.