The Importance of Indoor Air Quality While Wildfires Rage

SAN DIEGO, CA – Extended drought, heat, low humidity and gusty winds. In the world of wildfires, these are the ingredients of a perfect storm.

That’s what is happening throughout San Diego County right now, and at one point recently, three dozen fires raged. Eight of them continued to burn May 15 in areas all over the county, ravaging 10,000 acres since May 13, CNN reported. Read more

Six Ways To Help Air Conditioners Battle Extreme Heat

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA-The summer heat has been scorching San Diego’s inland areas and keeping air conditioning units running full blast. Twice last month, El Cajon High School had to dismiss students early due to the high temperatures and a broken air conditioning unit.

“Triple digit temperatures usually mean higher energy bills and more AC repair calls, but there are things people can to do help their HVAC unit keep up with the heat,” says Gabriel Carini, who is a Santee air conditioning and heating business owner. Read more

What To Do When Your House Has Hot And Cold Spots

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA- A frequent complaint from homeowners is that certain rooms are too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer while the rest of the house is comfortable. Some people know them as hot and cold spots.

A small variation in temperature, two or three degrees, between rooms is normal and does not necessarily mean there is a problem with the heating and air conditioning system. But when the difference is closer to five or 10 degrees, there is a problem, according to Gabriel Carini, an expert in heating and air conditioning repair and installation.

Instead of running the HVAC system more often and longer, racking up on energy costs, homeowners can turn to Carini Heating and Air Conditioning for suggestions on fixing the problem. Read more

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