The Importance of Indoor Air Quality While Wildfires Rage

SAN DIEGO, CA – Extended drought, heat, low humidity and gusty winds. In the world of wildfires, these are the ingredients of a perfect storm.

That’s what is happening throughout San Diego County right now, and at one point recently, three dozen fires raged. Eight of them continued to burn May 15 in areas all over the county, ravaging 10,000 acres since May 13, CNN reported. Read more

Ever Consider Relocating Your Furnace? Experts Say You Should

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -You may have never considered it, but there are some very convincing reasons to hang your furnace instead of leaving it on the ground in a crawlspace or in a closet in the house.
In most cases, hanging the furnace is actually the ideal location, according to Gabriel Carini, the founder of Carini Heating and Air Conditioning, a San Diego heating repair expert. Read more

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