The Importance of Indoor Air Quality While Wildfires Rage

SAN DIEGO, CA – Extended drought, heat, low humidity and gusty winds. In the world of wildfires, these are the ingredients of a perfect storm.

That’s what is happening throughout San Diego County right now, and at one point recently, three dozen fires raged. Eight of them continued to burn May 15 in areas all over the county, ravaging 10,000 acres since May 13, CNN reported. Read more

Should I have My Ducts Cleaned?

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – People are sweating more than just the rising temps this time of year. They are sweating the thought of a rising utility bill and fears of a stagnant HVAC system circulating dirty air into their homes as their AC kicks it into high gear.

A desire to keep their summer electricity bill at “spring time” lows and to keep their family healthy makes many homeowners susceptible to empty promises of money-saving, health-improving services, including our favorite: routine air duct cleaning. Read more

The Benefits Of Two-Stage Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — Are you starting to research replacing the heating and cooling system in your San Diego home or business? Put a two-stage unit on the list of options to consider.

Two-stage cooling means the air conditioning unit or heat pump has a compressor with two levels of operation: a high setting for hot summer days and a lower setting for milder days. Read more

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