SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA-One of the services that we offer at Carini Heating And Air Conditioning that many people aren’t very familiar with are mini-split air conditioning and heating units.


ductless zone control



“This type of ductless heating and cooling system has been around for more than 30 years,” says Gabriel Carini. “It’s used widely throughout the world but is just starting to catch on in the U.S., even though it offers many benefits.”

This indoor comfort system is efficient at delivering warm or cool air directly into different zones in your home without needing to be routed through ductwork. They are also referred to as mini-split, multi-split or variable refrigerant flow heat pump systems. Unlike the more complex central heating and air conditioning system, ductless systems are made up of just four components. There is a condensing unit, which is located outside the building or structure, the indoor unit, refrigerant lines connecting the outdoor and indoor units, and a control system, typically a hand-held wireless remote or wall monitor.

Many people are using ductless heating and cooling systems to replace inefficient baseboard electric heating and window air conditioners. Ductless options are becoming more popular for new construction, multi-family housing, and home additions like sunrooms. Another way that they are used is to improve the comfort level in poorly heated or cooled rooms in homes and businesses.

“This has been a great solution for many of the older homes we have worked in that can’t accommodate or don’t want a conventional ducted system,” says Carini, who is a San Diego air conditioning expert.

The compact size of this class of system makes them ideal for small offices by providing individual temperature control. They are quite versatile as far as mounting locations for the indoor unit. It can wall mounted, suspended from the ceiling or mounted in the ceiling, making it ideal for oddly shaped or cramped spaces. Many of the models are Energy Star Certified, which means they will save money on utilities.

“There is one thing home and business owners need to be careful about when shopping for a room air conditioner,” says Carini. “They have to select the correct heating and cooling capacity because too big of a unit will result in an uncomfortable room with humidity problems.”

However, knowing the right size is not as simple as figuring out the size of the room. There are many other factors to take into consideration like irregularly shaped rooms, exposure to sun, where the unit is installed, what the room is used for, and how many people will occupy the area. A San Diego air conditioning and heating expert can analyze the room and tell you what heating and cooling capacity, which is rated in BTUs, is recommended for the area.

“These systems may be ductless but they still need regular maintenance,” says Carini, San Diego HVAC provider. “Don’t forget to set up routine tuneups for the new heating and cooling system to prevent future problems and unwanted heat pump or AC repair costs.”