HVAC solutions for breweries are different from the heating and air conditioning fixes that you need for your home or other commercial business. Choosing the right HVAC company  — one that understands the distinct needs of a microbrewery — can help keep your employees and customers comfortable while most importantly preserving your delicious brews!

HVAC and Boilers

For breweries, the best ales, lagers, and stouts come from precision heating and cooling of the grains, and HVAC excellence comes into play right from the start. Breweries create beer starting with a “mash” of hops and barley, cooked in large vats, usually made out of copper. The heat for this mix isn’t from boiling the mash, but rather indirectly, from a coil wrapped around the vat. The coils are filled with steam from the boiler.

However, not all breweries have the perfect system for heating and cooling their brews properly. These complicated mechanisms can be just as complex to install and maintain as an HVAC system in another type of corporate building.

How HVAC Services Help Breweries

Local breweries may have multiple problems with their systems, but a trained HVAC service technician — especially one who is trained to design and install custom systems  — can help.

The requirements for a brewery boiler are much different than those of a regular commercial boiler. A brewery uses much higher steam pressure than space heat boilers do (generally from 11-12 PSIG), and since the boilers operate year-round, for hours at a time, proper preventive maintenance and inspections are crucial to prevent accidents or to reduce the chances of downtime when a costly repair is necessary.

Advantages of Low-pressure Steam Boilers

Low-pressure steam boilers are what many breweries use for cooking the best beers. Be careful when booking an HVAC service, however, as some types of work require a special license. Ask your local HVAC service whether they have commercial experience, and invite them to tour your facility to get a feel for the equipment.

Once the beer is done cooking, it moves into a cooling unit, another place where a specialized commercial HVAC contractor can help breweries. Maintaining the right humidity and temperature as the beer cools is a critical part of the process and makes a big difference in the quality of the mix. Having a great system preserves the process and ensures that the beer isn’t contaminated with bacteria growth during the cooling process.

Why Choose Carini?

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