Air Conditioning Repair San DiegoWhat happens when your AC system suddenly breaks down and you have to call a mechanic to handle your air conditioning repair in San Diego? Our clients are often curious, some even distrustful as to what is actually going on behind the scenes. This is why we asked one of our leading mechanics to describe in detail what a typical AC repair appointment looks like from a mechanic’s perspective.

Dismiss the Obvious

The first thing we do when we come to your home is check the thermostat. It might seem trivial, but you would be surprised how often an AC crisis boils down to an improperly-set thermostat. We will check that it is set to a low temperature and then lower it further to see if the AC will kick in. A malfunctioning or incorrectly installed wiring can prove to be the source of the problem more often than you think. If this is not the case, we take a look at the circuit breaker box. We flip the switches on and off to see if that helps.

Discovering the Problem

If these few initial steps fail, we go further into the trial and error process. We will examine the equipment and eliminate one possible reason after another. We often find homeowners tend to become impatient during this particular step, as discovering the root of the problem can last anywhere between five minutes and a few hours. First we’ll check the air filter to verify that it is unobstructed and that it doesn’t need replacing. Then, we eliminate short-cycling and move on to the refrigerant levels, the air condenser and try to determine whether the AC is suitable to cover the size of your home. Finally, we examine the wiring, electronic and safety controls.

Solving the Problem

Once we’ve found what’s causing the trouble, we will explain to the homeowners what the problem is and offer the best solution. We will explain which parts are broken and what it means for your AC system.

We will offer the best possible solution to your problem. Sometimes it involves changing the part that’s causing the trouble, sometimes we might have to upgrade some parts of the AC or the AC itself. If your AC is past its expiration date, we might suggest getting a brand new one. Many homeowners dismiss this as trying to sell them expensive equipment and hire shady companies to patch up their AC. This patching can go on for years for years, and homeowners end up paying more for repairs than an actual brand new AC. If we determine that your AC is beyond repair, we will let you know the benefits of getting a new one, but the decision is ultimately up to you.

After we’ve solved the issue, we tell homeowners what caused the malfunction and offer advice on how to properly maintain the AC unit so that it lasts longer. Proper maintenance is crucial as it can double the life expectancy of your AC system and does not void the warranty in most cases. We will offer our clients an affordable biannual maintenance plan to take care of their AC units so they won’t have to worry about that themselves. Again, whether you want to schedule an annual maintenance is entirely up to you.

Finally, after we’ve explained what went wrong, if replacing a part of several parts is the best course of action, we will order replacements and set up a new appointment as soon as these replacements become available. If we have the spare part at our disposal, we will replace them right away.

The Best Air Conditioning Repair San Diego

Now that you know the story behind a typical AC repair appointment, we hope you have more perspective on what you are signing up for when you request our services. Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing is a respectable, family-owned business serving San Diego and the surrounding areas for over 10 years. Our technicians are factory-trained and seasoned experts with years of practical experience. You can rely on them to quickly find and fix the issue, and expect a friendly service from the moment they come into your home.