Air conditioner unit leaking in San DiegoWhen you notice a leak in your home the first thing you suspect is faulty plumbing. However, did you know that a malfunctioning AC can also cause a terrible mess?

So, what should you do first?

Discover the source and cause of the leak. Your air conditioning unit may be leaking water inside or outside the unit. Is it your window air conditioner that’s leaking water? Or perhaps your AC is leaking water from the bottom and the water is dripping outside? Is water dripping from your split AC outdoor unit?

Leaks can occur due to clogs, disconnected lines, cold temperatures, dirty filters and plenty of other causes.

If the leak doesn’t go away in 24 hours it is advised to contact a company offering air conditioning repair in San Diego to fix the source of the problem for you. Here are a few extra steps you should have in mind if you notice your AC unit is leaking.

The Source of the Water

The water your AC unit produces comes from the humidity in your home. As the fan in the AC unit pushes warm and humid air past a coil, a chemical blend called a refrigerant absorbs that heat and releases it through the outdoor unit. The condensation forms on the coil, as it becomes colder the more heat it absorbs. This condensation causes the leak.

Where Does It Go?

The condensation the coil in your AC unit creates should be drained through a pipe. First it drips into a tray leading to a hole that connects the AC to a drainpipe and moves water away from your home. If this system is experiencing a malfunction, the water can leak into the AC or all over your walls and furniture. This leakage is known to ruin walls, ceilings as well as expensive cabinetry if left unattended.

What Causes the Leak?

There are several reasons that can cause a malfunction in the drainage system of your AC. From clogs to bad installation, a lot of factors can cause the condensed water to leak out of the unit. The best way to prevent this is to schedule regular AC maintenance with an experienced company offering air conditioning repair in San Diego area. Some of the most common causes of this malfunction include:

Clogs: A buildup of rust, dirt, hair or other debris can produce a clog in your condensation drainage system in your AC unit if you do not have your unit cleaned regularly. The blockage can be either partial or complete.

Disconnected drains: In case of improper installation, the drain line can become loose over time and disconnect the pipe from your AC unit. This is one of the most common causes of leaking air conditioners, which is why you should always hire a professional to install the AC system in your home.

Cold Temperature: This is a common problem in the end of the cooling season. The cold weather outside can ruin your AC if you try and cool your home if the temperature outside is below 60˚F. This can cause the coils to ice up and lead to leaking water.

Cracked Condensate Pan: The condensate pan may crack after long use, and since it’s no longer sealed this could cause the water to leak.

Dirty Filters: Another common cause of AC unit leaks, dirty air filters restrict the flow over the coils. This results in the coils getting too cold and freezing over. As the coils melt, all excess water overflows the condensate pan.

Schedule Regular Maintenance with the Leading San Diego AC Repair and Maintenance Company

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