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Common AC Repair Issues – San Diego, CA

AC Water Drain Problems

All types of air conditioners produce water as they keep your house cool. This water occurs when hot, moist air in your house makes contact with the evaporator coil located at your furnace. The water then drips down on the coil, eventually making its way to a drain pan under the coils.

This excess moisture has to be drained, so it is typically diverted into a sink drain or pumped outside with a condensate pump, into the ground, or a collection drain. If your home drains become clogged or damaged with hair, debris or other materials, the moisture from your air conditioning system can back up and overflow, causing flooding and leaks. If you install automatic safety switches, your system should shut off immediately, before leaks and flooding can cause serious damage.

Possible Sign of Air Conditioning Drain Problems:

  1. One sign that your drains may need repair is when your system turns on, but has trouble staying on.
  2. If you see liquid leaking from the indoor unit (the evaporator coil at your furnace), this could indicate a clogged drain; or it could be a sign that refrigerant is leaking from a damaged refrigerant line
  3. If you see rust on the furnace, that could be another warning sign of water damage

Whatever your drain problem, Carini’s factory trained technicians have many advanced techniques to do an extensive analysis of drain issues to get to the root of the problem with your air conditioning repair San Diego.

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AC Refrigerant Options

Refrigerants are common in the operation of all types of air conditioning systems. The most common refrigerant that was used for years, is R-22, otherwise known as Freon.  Due to environmental concerns and regulations, production of systems using R-22 refrigerant is being rapidly phased out. New systems on the market and those sold over recent years us a chlorine-free refrigerant called R-410A.

No one likes to replace a system that has been in operation for many years and still does a good job of cooling their home. But in addition to phase-outs of R-22 because of environmental issues, the cost of repairing older R-22 systems can become prohibitive as manufacturers obsolete their R-33 replacement components; and remaining supplies of R-22 refrigerant cost significantly more than the environmentally-friendly R-410A.

Carini AC repair technicians have a variety of methods to test, diagnose and make recommendations for the best ways to deal with today’s refrigerants. They are also trained in maintaining the highest standards for refrigerant disposal.

AC Electrical Problems

Both new and old air conditioners are subject to wear and tear of electrical components and changes in a home’s overall electrical load due to remodeling or the addition of other power-hungry appliances. Electrical problems can contribute to all kinds of HVAC issues, including causing the fan or complete system to fail or improper temperature readings at the thermostat. Loose wires can disrupt power to various components; and wrong or dirty fuses can also get in the way ot the flow of electricity

Cleaning your system regularly or scheduling regular inspections through our PMA Partner Priority Service Program, go a long way to preventing or minimizing all the problems discussed here.

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