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Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing offers elite air conditioning and HVAC repair services to homeowners and businesses throughout San Diego County. Since our founding in 2006, Carini has accumulated more than 300 Five Star reviews on Angie’s List, in addition to several awards for Excellence in Customer Service from the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. Excellent customer service is not possible without prompt, professional AC repair services, which includes emergency AC repair services.

Common Problems We Fix


AC Electrical Issues

After years of heavy use, electrical components within your air conditioner begin to wear down and lose their effectiveness. When individual parts fail, other parts could malfunction in a chain reaction, which could ultimately impair the entire system.

Common Causes of AC Electrical Problems:

• Aging components
• Loose wires
• Dirty fuses


Outdated & Inefficient Refrigerants

Air conditioners don’t simply add cool air to your home. Refrigerant chemicals work with your system’s evaporator and condenser coils to remove heat and moisture from the air. The old standard refrigerant for air conditioners, R-22, is dwindling in supply and rising in price as the EPA works to phase it out of American AC systems. If your system still runs on R-22, contact Carini for air conditioning repair services to help find an appropriate solution.


AC Water Drainage Issues

After refrigerant does its job, water extracted from the air must be drained from the areas surrounding your system. Like any other pipes, AC water drainage pipes should be inspected regularly and repaired as needed. If a clogged pipe is neglected for too long, it could back up your entire plumbing system and cause leaks, flooding, and other serious damage.

We can install units with automatic safety switches that bring your system to a halt the moment any AC water drainage backups are detected. If you already have safety switches in your system, it’s important to know how they work. When your system has trouble functioning continuously once turned on, it could be a sign that the drain is backed up and triggering the safety switches.


Ductless Mini Split Repairs

Ductless mini split installations are similar to heat pumps, as they are used for both heating and cooling in your home. Carini offers professional mini split repairs, performed by technicians who have experience dealing with frustrating issues such as dirty filters, refrigerant leaks, and capacitor problems.

Carini Air Conditioning Repair Service – HVAC Upkeep, Emergency AC repair, and More!

Do you live in a coastal city such as La Jolla, CA, or Del Mar? If so, your AC repair service needs will likely differ from folks residing inland near cities like La Mesa, CA, and El Cajon, CA in East County and Chula Vista, CA, in South County. No matter where you are located near San Diego County, you can count on our air conditioning repair services to keep your home cool year-round.

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*Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing works in complete compliance with the 1992 Clean Air Act according to EPA guidelines and regulations.

10-Year Labor Warranty

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with Carini and/or your new system for any reason within three (3) years of installation, Carini will make unlimited attempts to resolve the issue up to and including removing your system and refunding 100% of the purchase price.

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