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Carini Introduces New Water Filtration Products

Carini Introduces New Water Filtration Products Even though San Diego is coming out of one of its most rainy seasons in years, the city still gets 90% of its water from other places. Originally constructed to deliver water to Los Angeles, the Colorado River Aqueduct also connects to the State Water Project, which goes from […]

What Should You Plant to Protect Your Plumbing and Sewer Pipes in San Diego

San Diego homeowners don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures that can cause damage to underground drain and sewer pipes.  But local natural disasters like earthquakes, wildfire damage and flooding can move pipes around in the earth, causing pipe movement and breakage.  Pipes are often joined together with a variety of different fittings and connectors. […]

Sewer Lateral Repipe Repair in San Diego’s Mission Hills

A Mission Hills homeowner called us to perform a video sewer line inspection, and provide a detailed estimate on a drain and sewer issue that had been causing problems for a number of years. Different plumbers had worked on this 96 year old main house drain and sewer over the years, patching the old galvanized […]

Use Serial Number to Tell the Age of a Furnace in San Diego

If you live in San Diego, there are a number of benefits in knowing how to use your heating system’s serial number. First, it tells you in what year the furnace was manufactured, so you can supply that information when you need furnace repair or maintenance. Knowing your system’s age is important because it can […]

ABS versus PVC – What’s the best choice for San Diego plumbing repairs?

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) pipes are both plastic, but other differences can determine which to use for the average San Diego homeowner.  Plastic pipes are used in all kinds of plumbing applications. They are inexpensive, lightweight and will almost never corrode under normal conditions. They maintain temperatures of water, keeping hot […]

Causes of Sewer Line Blockages in San Diego Homes

The first signs of a sewer line blockage that could require repair in a San Diego home or business can be obvious or subtle. It often starts with a slow drain or clogged toilet, or a putrid smell from a drain or shower. Homeowners may see temporary success in unclogging drains with household drain formulas […]

$79 San Diego Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaning

Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing is excited to offer our best $79 drain cleaning deal throughout San Diego! We use only eco-friendly drain cleaning methods – and don’t flush harmful chemicals into the environment to clear a clog. Services include drain cleaning for tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets. Free drain video camera inspection if required. […]

Top 8 Plumbing Repairs in San Diego

“We’ve found that the most common reasons customers call us, fall into one of eight main categories,” according to Carini President and Founder Gabriel Carini. “A lot of homeowners can identify their plumbing issue, but not always the underlying cause of the problem. For example, uneven water pressure can be the main cause of all […]

How to Select the Right Size Tankless Water Heater for San Diego

                How to Select the Right Size Tankless Water Heater There’s no question that tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand water heaters, are gaining in popularity with smart homeowners. A tankless water heater only heats water that is needed and does so very rapidly. So how do you […]