Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing has achieved “Halcyon” dealer status with Fujitsu General – a level of dealer status related to the company’s top selling line of ductless mini split systems based on training and excellence in customer ratings. Carini is the only dealer in San Diego County to qualify for the Halcyon rating. Carini has also been certified on HFI (Hybrid Flex Inverter) systems, the company’s 4 ton Halcyon HFI FLEX 2-8 zone system. The HFI system offers new and unique features that expand on Fujitsu’s existing inverter technology, expanding its ability to a wide range of applications that weren’t available with a single mini-split system.

“We are one of the highest volume installers of Fujitsu Ductless Mini Splits in San Diego County,” according to Gabriel Carini, founder and CEO of the San Diego HVAC company. “Because of the complexity involved in installing ductless mini splits, factory training is crucial for effective installation. But before installation, proper design enables our technicians to ensure the best overall solution in terms of energy efficiency and performance.”

Many people think ductless mini splits are only designed for one room – such as a granny flat, studio or server room, according to Carini. “But we’re seeing many multi-zone whole-home applications for mini splits, in new custom homes, vintage homes and and other environments for the flexibility and energy-saving benefits they bring to the projects.”

Carini has experience with a wide range of Fujitsu mini split configurations. These range from wall and floor mounted, to ceiling, ducted and compact cassette.

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Fujitsu mini splits systems are approved under the HERO Program for energy efficient financing. For more information about the HERO Program, call 619-843-0997 or email;

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