Carini Introduces New Water Filtration Products

Even though San Diego is coming out of one of its most rainy seasons in years, the city still gets 90% of its water from other places. Originally constructed to deliver water to Los Angeles, the Colorado River Aqueduct also connects to the State Water Project, which goes from the north in San Francisco; and gets its water supply from the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta. So the water that we get for drinking and bathing goes through a variety of treatment facilities, and it touched along the way by a variety of chemicals and treatment additives.
In-home water testing kits reveal the extent to which San Diego’s water has been treated, and the results are not pretty. Untreated water has been proven to affect humans in a variety of ways, in addition to damaging plumbing and appliances over time.
For these reasons, Carini is proud to announce a new line of water whole home and point of use water treatment products.
Whole Home products include:
1. The Evince Elevate: a water softening system that utilizes salt to remove hard water and industrial grade carbon to remove contaminants.
2. The Evince Insight: this system reverses the polarity of calcium carbonate so it does not bond to plumbing, fixtures and appliances. It also uses carbon to remove contaminants.
3. The Evince True: this unit also uses salt to remove calcium carbonate, protecting plumbing, fixtures and water bearing appliances.
Point of Use products for drinking water include:
1. The Nuvia Clarity 2100 QC: This model is a durable, ultra-slim system that employs an advanced membrane to remove impurities as small as an atom, delivering clean, safe, and delicious water.
2. The Nuvia Summit Alkaline: The Nuvia Summit Alkaline Filter alkalizes and vitalizes your drinking water. The filter enhances water by adding essential alkaline minerals and substantially increasing the pH value resulting in superior hydration.
For more information about Carini’s whole home and point of use water filtration products, visit; or contact us at 619-843-0997.