What Homeowners Should Know About Air Conditioning Efficiency

When buying a new air conditioning unit, one of the essential questions a homeowner should ask is: how efficient is my new system? The energy efficiency of an AC system depends on many factors including average outside temperature, overuse or under-use of a system, how long a homeowner runs the air conditioner, and the SEER ratio of the unit, among many other factors that always seem to change. An efficient unit uses the least amount of energy to cool a household for a year properly, and energy savings means more savings on energy bills in the future. Read more

Goodman furnace repair San Diego

Goodman Furnace Repair in San Diego

Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing has a long history providing repair and maintenance on Goodman and Goodman/Amana furnaces and heating systems. Goodman brand furnaces have been around since 1975 and the company is based just outside of Houston, Texas. Goodman was acquired by Daikin Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of heating and air products. Goodman has its own distribution facility, located on Ruffin Road in the Clairemont area of San Diego, California.

Carini works on most Goodman products, from residential traditional split systems to heat pumps, gas furnaces, coils and thermostats.

Before calling Carini for service on your Goodman furnace, try to determine the age of the system and any possible warranties through the serial number. Goodman just announced a change to where the serial and model numbers can be found on their furnaces. The furnace’s rating label for 34.5” chassis furnaces, contains the furnace serial number. It can found  on the blower door instead of the interior of the side panel in the top of the furnace. This new location applies to both Goodman and Amana furnaces.

In older Goodman furnaces, serial and model numbers will be located on the rating plate, which will be on the inner wall of the furnace or air handler. The ten-digit code is the serial number that identifies the date the unit was produced as well as the model number.

Both Goodman and Amana furnaces are manufactured in the same facility in Houston. The company has traditionally marketed the Goodman brand as their lower end product line and the Amana brand as their higher, more energy efficient offereing.

Goodman serial numbers are 10 digits. The first four digits indicate the year and month the system was manufactured.  See the illustration below:

goodman furnace San Diego

Lennox Furnace and Heating Repair in San Diego

Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing is San Diego’s premier HVAC contractor, offering repairs and maintenance services on all Lennox heating and air conditioning products. San Diego home and business owners choose Carini for all types of furnace repairs, from cracked heat exchangers to ignition control and faulty thermostats. Furnace and heating system repairs on Lennox, Carrier, Bryant, Rheem and Goodman/Amana systems often fall into the following categories:

1. Problems with faulty thermostats – make sure to check all thermostat batteries before calling for service. Other “stat” issues could be related to faulty wiring or dirt accumulation. Problems might also be solved by replacing a fuse or circuit breaker.

2. Problems with air circulation –  from fan motors, limit switches, belts and bearings:

  1. Loud high pitched sounds upon startup indicate you could have a bad belt.  Belts don’t have to be super expensive but it’s far better to replace them before they break.

3. Dirty or clogged filters that inhibit healthy airflow and can cause other major system problems

4. Problems with the pilot light or ignition controls, causing inconsistent or no heat at all

5. Lack of recommended maintenance can result in system failure, wasted energy and increased utility costs.

Determine Lennox Furnace Age Through the Serial Number

If you can determine the age of your Lennox furnace and heating system, you can save some time in getting it diagnosed properly and figuring out what may or may not be covered under your original Lennox warranty.

Click here to get this handy guide on how to determine system age

For quick and responsive service on your Lennox or other brand furnace, call us at 619-843-0997; or fill out the form on our website at: https://www.cariniair.com/contact/


Mini Split Heat Pump

Carini Leads Mini Split Innovation in San Diego with the Mitsubishi MVZ for Larger Cool and Heat Zones

What do you do when you have a large room or space in a house that you want to cool or heat as part of a ductless mini split whole home installation? If you’ve chosen Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing as your mini split expert, because we sell more ductless mini splits than any other company in Southern California and because we have the best warranties and customer satisfaction guarantees in the business – you’re already on your way to finding the best solution for this application.

The Mitsubishi MVZ multi-position air handling unit connects with a Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heating INVERTER™ (H2i®) MXZ-C multi-zone outdoor unit, and is designed to efficiently cool and heat larger zones, entire floors or whole homes as part of the Diamond Contractor Package. Combine the MVZ air handler with a high-performance multi-zone mini split outdoor unit for complete year-round comfort control room by room. Older homes with no cooling or heating system can take advantage of the hidden MVZ unit for the open areas and ductless units for additional rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and home offices. A perfect example of the versatility of the MVZ is in replacing a closet furnace with the MVZ for the main floor and add zones upstairs with ductless. You can also implement the MVZ as a good replacement for furnaces that are currently installed in garages, based on new restrictions on combustion air in certain markets. The resulting system can operate at annual cost savings up to 40 percent lower than traditional systems gas furnaces and or electric baseboards.

The MVZ multi-position air handler provides added flexibility with dual set point functionality. The system’s full, one-inch R4.2 insulation offers quality performance in any environment due to its heightened efficiency and thermal resistance to heat transfer. The insulation is fiberglass-free. Additionally, the highly-efficient DC motor and forward curved blower allows the MVZ to operate at a near-silent noise level. Servicing the system is made super easy with the ability to clean the coil when the fan is removed.

Available from 13.5K to 40K Btu/h rated heating capacities, the MVZ air handler is convenient to any application as installation requires no additional kits, even in down-flow configuration. The system can be fully disassembled and reassembled to fit into tight spaces such as closets, attics or equipment rooms and other space-limited installations.

Mini Split Heat Pump

Have You Considered Switching to Mini-Split Heat Pumps? Here’s Why You Should

Sometimes insulation and air sealing are not enough to keep your home warm. Fortunately the technology has advanced and brought about some fascinating products that can help you heat your home cheaper and more effectively compared to the old methods.

During the last few years, mini-split heat pumps have taken over the market as an energy efficient solution that revolutionized heating. This trend affects heating in Poway as well, as more and more homeowners are looking into this technology. In this article, our experts explain what makes mini-split heat pumps so fascinating.

How They Work

This product combines the revolutionary mini-split technology with the heat pump system. A ductless mini-split heat pump has two main components, one placed on the outside and one inside. They are connected via a copper tube which provides your home or office with hot air. The fact that there are just two components and that they require no ducting makes them easy to install.


Mini-split heat pumps offer the benefit of zoning: adjusting the temperature for each area of your home or office separately with an air handler. This means that cranking up the heat in one zone will not affect any other zones. This also means that each family member will be able to set the temperature in their own room to their liking. If one family member prefers sleeping in a cold room the rest of the family does not have to suffer. That person can easily set the temperature in their room just the way they like it. They also come equipped with numerous features such as sleep timers and wireless connectivity.


It is true that mini-split heat pump installation may be more costly compared to other heating systems. But in the long run, they present a much more affordable option for heating your home or office as they are more energy efficient. While traditional heating systems lose about 30% of their energy in the ducts, the ductless mini-split systems conserve energy and direct all of it into heating your home. Additionally, their zoning ability allows you to conserve energy and prevent it being wasted, for example by choosing not to heat any rooms currently unoccupied.


What homeowners value the most when it comes to installing these systems is that they are not invasive which means no walls will be torn down. The interior and exterior units are connected through a 3-inch thick copper tube. The exterior unit can be as far away as 50 feet from the interior unit, making this system more flexible.


The mini-split heating system is not without its flaws. Installing it is more expensive than replacing your existing heating system if there’s a duct network already in your home. However, many local governments offer incentives to encourage installing these new, eco-friendly heating systems.

Installing a mini-split heat pump requires a skilled technician, as improper installation of the exterior or the interior units could cause many issues, including short-cycling. This can significantly hinder the system’s energy efficiency.

Heating Your Home Has Never Been Easier

The skilled technicians at Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing have a vast experience and knowledge of proper heat pump installation methods. Mini-splits are a perfect solution for most residential and commercial buildings, and while the initial price might seem intimidating, you will be saving a lot of energy and money in the long run. To get a free estimate or learn more about these systems, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 619-843-0997 or through our contact form.

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Cleaning Your AC System is as important as Cleaning Your Home!

Filter Cleaning - Air Conditioning Imperial BeachSome parts of our home require our attention more than others. Dwelling in our homes means messing them up, which is why regular cleaning is the most important item on every homeowner’s chore list. We vacuum, mop and dust all the time for the sake of our own comfort, and not only when some guests are supposed to drop by. Not until you’ve cleaned everything will you realize how nasty living in a messy home is.

The same goes for your AC system. It should be cleaned regularly, and not only when you need to use it. During the hot summer days or when the winter cold sets in, we turn to our AC units for comfort. Having the AC cleaned and inspected regularly ensures that the system is there for us when we need it.

Unfortunately, cleaning the AC is on the bottom of the same chore list we previously mentioned for many homeowners. Homeowners tend to forget about the AC system during periods of inactivity and often neglect its maintenance needs. However, leading air conditioning Imperial Beach experts caution homeowners to change their habits or risk a broken AC.

Keep Your AC in Its Prime with These Maintenance Tips

Fortunately for most homeowners, keeping your AC in shape is not as demanding as you might think. There are a few things you can do yourself to ensure your AC is spotless. Starting with tasks as simple as filter and cooling fin cleaning, with just a little effort your AC will be primed for use.

While most families opt in for cheaper AC systems, premium air conditioning systems are more efficient in the long run as they are less likely to break down and demand costly repairs. Likewise, when looking for someone to handle your air conditioning installation in San Diego County, don’t enlist shady companies or inexperienced technicians just to save a few bucks. Instead, look for respectable and professional companies like Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing to handle this very delicate process.

While there’s a lot you can do to keep your AC clean on your own, scheduling annual maintenance will guarantee your AC will last longer, and more importantly, that it will not break down when you need it the most. Annual maintenance is important as an experienced technician will be able to detect any problems way before they cause any trouble to your AC system. A routine HVAC inspection will therefore guarantee that you can rely on your system when the toughest of seasons set in. As malfunctioning parts can result in increased operating costs, keeping them in their prime will do wonders for your home budget.

Why Hire a Professional to Inspect Your Air Conditioning in Imperial Beach?

Hiring a professional is just as important for your annual AC maintenance as it is for installation. A professional has both the expertise and the equipment to perform this task. When it comes to AC maintenance, some tasks are better left to professionals who help thousands with air conditioning repair in San Diego and surrounding areas.

One of these tasks is checking the coolant levels in the AC unit. What many homeowners don’t know is that loosing as little as 10% of the coolant can result in a double of that number in efficiency loss.

Technicians will also check the electrical levels of components like switches, relays and motors and lubricate moving parts. Finally, technicians will measure the indoor unit air flow levels, clean the thermostat, check fan and motor belts and check the coil temperature readings. And these are just some of the tasks in the technician’s long checklist during every maintenance appointment.

If you are looking for a thorough and professional maintenance service for your Air Conditioning system contact Carini Heating & Air Conditioning, family-owned AC service with over 10 years of service. Request a service from our friendly agents at 619.843.0997 or reach out to us through our online contact form.

Single Stage Air Compressor vs Two Stage: What’s The Difference?

Single Stage Air Compressor vs Two Stage - AC Repair San DiegoLooking for a new air conditioner for your San Diego home, you may have come across terms like “single stage” or “two stage” air compressor or AC system, and had no idea what they mean or how they could affect your choice. Unbeknownst to you, this choice could make all the difference when it comes to the cost, efficiency and comfort, which is thy the experts at Carini Heating & Air, the premier San Diego air conditioning repair company, have decided to give a thorough explanation of the difference between the two.

Single Stage Air Compressor vs Two Stage Air Compressor: The Basics

A single stage air compressor is the one most commonly found in San Diego homes and operates at a single speed: full speed. When the temperature in your home is above the one set on your thermostat, the AC kicks in and supplies cold air until the two match. Once it has achieved the desired temperature, it turns off and continues this cycle throughout the day.

In contrast, the two stage air compressor has two modes of operation or two speeds: high speed and low speed. When the temperatures are mildly warm, the air conditioner unit will run on a low speed setting for longer periods of time. When the outdoor temperature increases, the AC unit will switch to high speed setting to match.


Two stage air conditioners usually cost more than their one stage counterparts, and the price is higher due to the components that make up each type. This fact initially turns most homeowners away from buying a two stage AC unit, but the latter might prove to be a more cost-saving option in the long run.


As we previously mentioned, the single stage air compressors run at full capacity in cycles throughout the day. These on and off cycles significantly reduce the AC system’s efficiency. Imagine you had to turn your car on and off every time you hit a red light. The car would use up significantly more gas and would be a lot more time consuming to drive.

With two-stage air compressors the home is cooled at a lower speed for a long period of time. As far-fetched as it may sound, the two stage AC unit saves a lot more by constantly running. Naturally, when the extremely hot days set in, the two stage unit can run just as fast and efficient as the one stage counterpart.


Two stage AC variants are easily the winner in this category as well, as running throughout the day ensures that more fresh air permeates your home and that the temperature is even no matter where you are.

Trust the Leading San Diego Air Conditioning Experts’ Advice

If you are looking to replace your old AC system, make sure you get the value for your money. While a two-stage AC might not be your first choice because of the price, investing in a two stage air compressor is investing in your home and your comfort. And if you ever have any issues with your two stage air compressor, you know who to call.

Guide to Air Conditioner Short Cycling Troubleshooting: Identify the Problem

Air Conditioner repair San DiegoAir conditioning systems switch between on and off mode by design in order to maintain the temperature levels set on the thermostat. This process, known as cycling, is essential to proper functioning of the AC system because of the refrigeration process, the cheapest way to cool an area. Refrigeration begins with the AC removing heat using refrigerant chemicals such as Freon. Afterwards it cools the area through the process known as compression. The excess heat is then absorbed and expelled to the outside air.

Air conditioner short cycling is an issue that can occur due to several factors. For efficient air conditioner short cycling troubleshooting, read on to discover more about the causes and what you can do about them.

How Does the AC Cool Your Home?

In order to remove heat and cool an area, the AC system has to go through a cycle that changes the form of the heated air, from liquid to gas or vice versa. The former happens when the AC is set to cooling, while the latter occurs when AC is set to heating. Changing the form of the heated air is done through several processes including expansion, evaporation, condensation and compression. Compression is the main part of the refrigeration process. This is why the compressor is one of the most important components of any AC unit.

How to Identify Air Conditioner Short Cycling

Cycling is a common operation process for air conditioning systems, but if the frequency of cycling increases, this can be viewed as a sign of trouble. During a moderately-hot summer day when the system is ideally operating at 50% capacity, the cycle occurs three times during an hour. This means that during an hour of operation the compressor unit will operate for 10 minutes, shut down and restart after 10 minutes and repeat this process two more times. The longer compressors run, the more efficient they become. If you notice any inconsistencies in the air conditioning cycle and the set temperature is uneven, your AC probably fell victim to short cycling. This is a common problem homeowners experience with their AC unit.

Air conditioner short cycling can be a result of several factors such as an obstructed compressor, leaking refrigerant, faulty thermostat, dirty air filter, icy coils, electrical issues, or the fact that the AC unit is too big for the area it is supposed to cover. Short cycling can have several negative effects on your AC system and indoor air quality. It can put a lot of stress on the AC unit, leading to breakdowns that require repairs that can be expensive. Short cycling also causes temperature fluctuations and can be reflected in an increased energy bill.

 How to Prevent Short Cycling

The safest way to prevent your AC from experiencing short cycling is to make sure your AC is subject to regular maintenance. An expert AC mechanic should ideally check your AC at least once a year to make sure that it is running properly, that it lasts longer and that it doesn’t develop any problems that can be expensive to fix. Apart from that, make sure that you replace your air filter on a regular basis and keep check of the AC cycle frequency and temperature oscillations.

If you notice the tell-tale signs of short cycling, contact a professional AC repair company like Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing. Air conditioner short cycling troubleshooting can be difficult if you are not sure what you are doing because there are many factors that can cause it. In order to solve the problem a complete diagnostic process must be conducted. This is why it is important to hire a trustworthy, professional technician to take care of the problem and ensures it doesn’t occur again.

Heating Repair San Diego: Replace or Repair Your Furnace?

Your furnace is probably the last thing on your mind during these hot, summer days. However, it is not a bad idea to contact an expert company that offers heating repair in San Diego to make sure that everything is all right with your heating system before the cold days kick in. This way you can be sure that when winter comes there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.

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