It is not uncommon for some strange smells to emanate from your AC after an entire winter of not being used. From a common dusty odor to some slighter stranger smells, you may need professional air conditioning repair services to inspect the system and ensure it is in good working condition before the temperatures outside start to really rise.

Stinky Socks

The smell of stinky socks engulfing your home is unpleasant. And no, it’s not because you forgot to get your laundry done. It is a common air conditioner smell that could indicate bacteria growth on your condenser coils. An HVAC professional may need to clean and sanitize the condenser coils and any other internal components of the unit to get rid of the foul-smelling bacteria.

Burning or Electrical Smell

A burning or electrical smell could indicate that your AC compressor has a mechanical problem or wiring issue. The smell is almost literal, indicating that something is burning or short-circuiting inside, which could be very dangerous. It is important to call a professional HVAC contractor immediately to check the compressor, fan, and wiring. These are tricky fixes best left to a trained and licensed expert.

Rotten Eggs

Assuming you haven’t left any rotten eggs lying around, this is a distinct smell that resembles sulfur. It could be because of a natural gas leak. Though natural gas has no smell, most utility providers add this smell to alert homeowners of a leak. If you smell rotten eggs, you need to call a professional to check for any gas leaks in your ductwork or around your house. This should never be taken lightly. If the smell is all around your house, turn off your gas and call your local fire department immediately.

Exhaust Fumes

Exhaust fumes can also be transmitted from your AC. It could indicate that your AC fluid is leaking onto some warm component within the system, which is then transmitting the odor. Once again, this fix requires a trained professional.

Dead Animals

It’s possible that small animals hide in your AC system and end up dying inside. If you smell a dead animal, something must be inside. Call a professional HVAC specialist quickly to resolve the problem and use your system as normal again.

Smell any of these foul odors? The last thing you want is a problem with your AC when the weather gets warmer. If you need air conditioning repair or air conditioning installation in San Diego, CA, call Carini today!