AC Technician - The Cost to Relocate Air Conditioning UnitEvery year when the home remodeling season sets in, homeowners come to us with the same question: “How much does it cost to relocate an air conditioning unit?” There are many reasons why moving the HVAC system can be beneficial. Often when remodeling their house homeowners want to free up some space for a new room addition, a fence or some landscaping features they plan on adding. Maybe they simply want to put the outdoor unit a little more out of sight.

Sometimes, the owners need to have their home comply with some new regulations recently passed. Finally, they may simply want to move it out of their pets or their children’s reach. Another set of questions we often get asked is whether homeowners can do this on their own, if such a thing is even possible, and whether the cost of failure is too high.

Should You Move Your AC Unit Yourself?

You can, if you feel confident enough in your abilities. Be warned though that this is not a simple procedure and can end badly if not all precautions are taken. First of all, you have to be extra careful not to bend or stretch any lines, as this can result in a leak later on. Another mistake people who attempt to relocate their AC unit often make is not pumping out all Freon from the AC system.

Another issue homeowners often face are the copper lines. Since they only come in certain lengths, they have to be welded to be able to fit the new position of the unit. Another alternative is to replace them, but homeowners often find this is a costly solution as these wires can be pretty expensive.

Attention to detail is what separates a successful relocation project from a failure. Before the Freon is pumped back in and all the lines reconnected, any moisture left in the lines has to be dried or vacuumed out. If not, it can prevent the flow of the refrigerant. Also when installing new lines, be mindful not the strain the refrigerant pump by extending the lines beyond its capabilities. Finally, you will have to re-wire the thermostat and secure it to the AC unit. The copper lines need to be isolated and covered. The HVAC needs to be leveled to fit the new setup.

If you are planning to move your AC unit as a part of a remodeling project, be sure to allocate some of your planned budget for this undertaking alone. While many experienced DIY-errs might be tempted to attempt moving their AC unit themselves, this one feat might prove too much for someone without any experience. If you do plan on attempting to move your AC unit yourself, keep in mind everything we mentioned above. The key is not to strain or otherwise impair your air conditioner’s ability to function at peak capacity and provide fresh air to your home.

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