As the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, continue to evolve, all of us at Carini would like to take a moment to address our customers and their concerns as to how we are managing the current situation.

The community’s health and safety have always been our main concerns. We want all of our employees and customers to know that we are not taking this situation lightly. The leadership team at Carini have ongoing discussions about improving current safety procedures even further, to ensure we are truly doing our part in limiting the spread of the virus.

Here are the steps we are taking to safeguard our employees’ and customers’ health.

  • All staff, including office members and field technicians, are being retrained on health policies, personal hygiene expectations, and standard operating procedures in compliance with CDC guidelines.
  • Disinfection and sanitation products have been distributed throughout our facilities, as well as vehicle fleets.
  • Employees are expected to sanitize all frequently touched objects and surfaces on the premises and while out on service calls.
  • Employees are encouraged to practice social distancing rules, such as not shaking hands and keeping six feet of distance between themselves and others if possible.
  • Customers will be asked questions regarding their recent travel plans and their health before scheduling a service appointment.
  • Any staff member that feels unwell or has contact with an infected individual is not to report to work.

Many states have put into effect an emergency shutdown of non-essential businesses. As a plumbing and HVAC company based in San Diego, our work is necessary to ensure the comfort, safety, and health of local businesses, residents, and the community as a whole. Therefore, we are considered an essential business, and we will be continuing our operations (as best as we normally can under the circumstances).

With this in mind, we kindly ask customers to offer our employees the same courtesies as they do to you. If you are feeling ill in any way, please consider rescheduling any non-emergency appointments. Our team would be happy to help you reschedule to a new time that is convenient for you.

During this difficult time, we depend on each other more than ever. Let’s all take care to do our part in eliminating this nasty virus so that we may resume our normal lives as soon as possible.



Please follow the safety measures outlined by the CDC, noted in our infographic above, as well as the CDC website.

Stay safe and check the Carini website for further updates. To schedule an appointment for a plumbing, cooling, or heating repair servicein San Diego and surrounding areas, click here.