Many residents of America’s finest city think they can save money on drain cleaning by renting a snake or using drain cleaner instead of consulting a San Diego drain cleaning service. However, using an experienced drain cleaning company means you’ll get vital expertise to evaluate many factors and make sure your repair is properly executed.

The age, material, and length of your pipes, as well as clog type and possibility of sewer inspection camera, are all intricately interrelated and therefore best interpreted by an expert. So-called quick fix solutions like Drano and other drain cleaners are less effective and acidic and harmful to the environment.

Avoid These Scenarios By Calling a San Diego Drain Cleaning Company!

1) Sewer Snake in the Pipes

Our plumbing team helped a client who had rented a sewer snake from home depot to unclog their drain. Due to improper use, 100 feet of cable became stuck underneath asphalt. Two days of downtime were necessary to dig up the ground, remove the cable and put the pipes back together. 

2) Blown Pipe from Botched Clogged Drain Remedy

Another Carini client rented a jetting machine and used it on extremely old pipes in an attempt to remedy a persistent clog. “The client blew up a sewer line underneath concrete,”  “They didn’t know for two months that it was broken until water began seeping up from it.” Total repair cost: $8000

3) Wrong Sewer Snake

Choosing the wrong snake for a job can also lead to costly repairs. “I helped a gentlemen who had used too powerful of a snake and destroyed the drain fittings under his home,” said Ron. “We had to replace numerous damaged fittings and it was a real headache for everyone.” Total repair cost: $2000

4) Clogged Toilet Catastrophe!

Even using the right size snake can be an issue if it’s not right for particular fixture. “I can still remember the disappointment on this homeowner’s face when she saw that her husband had turned the inside of their toilet black by pushing a sewer snake down it. The porcelain was severely damaged and they had to purchase a new toilet.” Total replacement cost: $700

5) Possible Danger

“An electric drain snake can also be super dangerous if it catches your arm, hand or clothing,” he said. “The last thing I would want is a customer to hurt themselves doing something that would be quick and affordable to contact a drain cleaning company for.”