Experts at Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing discuss signs that warrant air duct cleaning in San Diego and why repair services may be needed, too.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — In a previous blog post we discussed why air duct cleaning services are rarely warranted. Since rarely doesn’t mean never, today we are discussing signs that your air duct system might need to be cleaned and repaired, and how to find a reputable company offering air duct cleaning in San Diego.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency suggests “considering” having your air ducts cleaned if:

1.) There is excessive visible mold growth on hard surface ducts or other components of your heating and cooling system.

We say: Have you have you ever heard the saying, “All that glitters is not gold?” Well, just because something looks like mold, it doesn’t mean it is mold. You can either acquire your own mold sample for testing or have an expert do the dirty work. Calling in an expert increases the likelihood of identifying what is causing the harmful conditions conducive to mold growth.

Also, if the mold growth is on something other than a hard surface, those surfaces must be replaced – they cannot be effectively cleaned.

2.) Your ducts are infested with vermin such as insects, rats or squirrels

We say: If there are vermin in your ducts, you likely need more than a cleaning. An expert needs to find out how and why they are getting into your ducts and if they have caused any damage, which they likely have. Also keep in mind that duct cleaning isn’t exactly a gentle process. If you already have existing damage, a motor-powered rotating brush could make a small problem worse. Have an expert get rid of the rodents and decide if repairs are needed prior to your duct cleaning.

3.) Your ducts are clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris and/or particles are actually released into the home from your supply registers.

We say: Emphasis should be placed on the words “clogged” and “released,” because air ducts that just look dusty aren’t necessarily releasing particles into the air. Dusty ducts are actually doing their job, since the material they are made of helps trap particles you wouldn’t want circulating in your home’s air.

Studies have not proved that dust levels in homes increase when air ducts are dirty, according to the United States EPA.

If you have one of the above problems, the first person you call shouldn’t be an air duct cleaning service provider. And the simple fact that the above problems exist probably isn’t because you have neglected to have a regular duct cleaning, which is something you’d likely hear from a hungry salesman. In fact, it more likely suggests there is an underlying problem, such as a leak or damaged seals. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, air duct cleaning may cause unnecessary damage to your HVAC system.

In a nutshell, if your air ducts need cleaning, you need an expert in the field of mold and pest removal or AC repair to perform an inspection first. Once an underlying problem has been addressed or ruled out, you can use your freshly cleaned air ducts as a visual baseline to determine if the problem was addressed fully.

In cases where duct cleaning is warranted, we suggest following the EPA’s guidelines for choosing a qualified provider.

If your air ducts exhibit any of the “signs” we shared today, we encourage you to contact us for a free inspection so we can help you determine whether cleaning services are warranted and identify the underlying problem. We aren’t in the business of cleaning air ducts, but we are in the business of helping you maintain a well-functioning HVAC system that stays clean, efficient and saves you money.