Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing has a long history providing repair and maintenance on Goodman and Goodman/Amana furnaces and heating systems. Goodman brand furnaces have been around since 1975 and the company is based just outside of Houston, Texas. Goodman was acquired by Daikin Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of heating and air products. Goodman has its own distribution facility, located on Ruffin Road in the Clairemont area of San Diego, California.

Carini works on most Goodman products, from residential traditional split systems to heat pumps, gas furnaces, coils and thermostats.

Before calling Carini for service on your Goodman furnace, try to determine the age of the system and any possible warranties through the serial number. Goodman just announced a change to where the serial and model numbers can be found on their furnaces. The furnace’s rating label for 34.5” chassis furnaces, contains the furnace serial number. It can found  on the blower door instead of the interior of the side panel in the top of the furnace. This new location applies to both Goodman and Amana furnaces.

In older Goodman furnaces, serial and model numbers will be located on the rating plate, which will be on the inner wall of the furnace or air handler. The ten-digit code is the serial number that identifies the date the unit was produced as well as the model number.

Both Goodman and Amana furnaces are manufactured in the same facility in Houston. The company has traditionally marketed the Goodman brand as their lower end product line and the Amana brand as their higher, more energy efficient offereing.

Goodman serial numbers are 10 digits. The first four digits indicate the year and month the system was manufactured.  See the illustration below:

goodman furnace San Diego