Sometimes insulation and air sealing are not enough to keep your home warm. Fortunately the technology has advanced and brought about some fascinating products that can help you heat your home cheaper and more effectively compared to the old methods.

During the last few years, mini-split heat pumps have taken over the market as an energy efficient solution that revolutionized heating. This trend affects heating in Poway as well, as more and more homeowners are looking into this technology. In this article, our experts explain what makes mini-split heat pumps so fascinating.

How They Work

This product combines the revolutionary mini-split technology with the heat pump system. A ductless mini-split heat pump has two main components, one placed on the outside and one inside. They are connected via a copper tube which provides your home or office with hot air. The fact that there are just two components and that they require no ducting makes them easy to install.


Mini-split heat pumps offer the benefit of zoning: adjusting the temperature for each area of your home or office separately with an air handler. This means that cranking up the heat in one zone will not affect any other zones. This also means that each family member will be able to set the temperature in their own room to their liking. If one family member prefers sleeping in a cold room the rest of the family does not have to suffer. That person can easily set the temperature in their room just the way they like it. They also come equipped with numerous features such as sleep timers and wireless connectivity.


It is true that mini-split heat pump installation may be more costly compared to other heating systems. But in the long run, they present a much more affordable option for heating your home or office as they are more energy efficient. While traditional heating systems lose about 30% of their energy in the ducts, the ductless mini-split systems conserve energy and direct all of it into heating your home. Additionally, their zoning ability allows you to conserve energy and prevent it being wasted, for example by choosing not to heat any rooms currently unoccupied.


What homeowners value the most when it comes to installing these systems is that they are not invasive which means no walls will be torn down. The interior and exterior units are connected through a 3-inch thick copper tube. The exterior unit can be as far away as 50 feet from the interior unit, making this system more flexible.


The mini-split heating system is not without its flaws. Installing it is more expensive than replacing your existing heating system if there’s a duct network already in your home. However, many local governments offer incentives to encourage installing these new, eco-friendly heating systems.

Installing a mini-split heat pump requires a skilled technician, as improper installation of the exterior or the interior units could cause many issues, including short-cycling. This can significantly hinder the system’s energy efficiency.

Heating Your Home Has Never Been Easier

The skilled technicians at Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing have a vast experience and knowledge of proper heat pump installation methods. Mini-splits are a perfect solution for most residential and commercial buildings, and while the initial price might seem intimidating, you will be saving a lot of energy and money in the long run. To get a free estimate or learn more about these systems, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 619-843-0997 or through our contact form.