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Heating System Installation
and Furnace Repair

San Diego, CA

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with Carini and/or your new system for any reason within three (3) years of installation, Carini will make unlimited attempts to resolve the issue up to and including removing your system and refunding 100% of the purchase price.

mini split AC installation

At Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing, we provide a comprehensive list of heating services for the following, and more:

 Furnace Installation

 Heating Repairs for Gas or Electric Furnaces

  Heat Pumps/Ductless Mini Split Systems

 Air Handlers


  Ductwork and Air Quality

 Ductwork Repair, Replacement and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Products

 Troubleshooting, Furnace Cleaning and Safety Inspections

If you would like to schedule a service call or set up routine maintenance for an all-points checkup on your furnace, we will check out the burners, heat exchangers, blower, flue, and all other major components that keep your furnace working properly, which will serve to make it more energy efficient and safer to use.

Please give us a call today to learn more about what Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing can do for you.
We will be happy to speak with you regarding your residential or commercial HVAC repair, installation, or retrofitting needs.
Our customer service team may be reached at 619-843-0997.

*Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing works in complete compliance with the 1992 Clean Air Act according to EPA guidelines and regulations.

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