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Heating and Furnace Repair in San Diego

Lots of people who don’t live in San Diego think our weather is tropical, meaning we never need to run our heating systems in the winter! Of course, SD homeowners know that’s not true, with temperatures from November to even April and May dipping into the mid 50’s and even the 40’s during our coldest months. Like air conditioning technology, furnace and heating systems are constantly evolving, and consumers have lots of options when it comes to heating system and furnace repair.

Furnace and heating system problems and solutions range from the need for simple maintenance to replacement of worn out or damaged components. The average furnace should last between 15 to 20 years if properly maintained. Following are the most common problems and causes of furnace problems – some of which you can avoid with proper maintenance and usage:

Appropriate and Systematic Maintenance

Heating systems will last years longer and run more efficiently with regularly scheduled maintenance.  Regular filter changes are at the top of the list, and stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware carry the most popular filter sizes. Make a point of knowing where your filters are located and either change them a few times per year or have your HVAC technician change them for you when they do their periodic maintenance visits.

Blower Doesn’t Stop Running

This situation may be the result of a problem with your thermostat or the furnace’s limit switch. If the fan switch is turned on at the thermostat, make sure you turn it to “off” or “auto.” If it is on “auto,” it’s possible the limit switch needs adjustment.

Electronic Ignition or Pilot Light Issues:

A failing ignition or pilot light could be a problem, especially with older, lower efficiency furnaces.  The thermocouple, which is the component for measuring temperature, is designed to shut off the flow of gas to the pilot if the desired temperature is not reached because of a weak flame.

Blower Motor Failure

A lot of people don’t realize that their air conditioning system uses the fan in their furnace to distribute cool air when the AC is operating. That same fan works in the cold months to distribute warm air from the furnace. The fan is run by the system’s blower motor (also referred to as the fan motor.) When this motor fails, no warm or cold air will be circulated, even if the furnace ignites and turns on as it does normally. During regular maintenance, our expert, factory trained technicians inspect fan motors, belts, bearings and other components that will help extend the life of blower motors and other fan components.

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