Ever find a really useful page, but then forget to bookmark it? We definitely have.
To help you keep tabs on at least the essentials, we have gathered three of our top links for homeowners who want more information on how to maintain their AC/heating system. There are loads of similar pages on the web, but we think these three are the clearest, and most helpful.

Energy Star – Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency Guide: Before the December 31st deadline, you might want to apply for the 2012 & 2013 Federal Tax Credit. Energy Star has made a site showing what systems are included, and what kind of tax credit you are eligible for. Unless you happen to have a geothermal heat pump, most HVAC systems are eligible for a 10% tax credit up to $500 dollars. At the Energy Star page you can find out the requirements for a tax credit, as well as how to apply. Due to the degree of complexity behind the tax credit, this link is a good one to keep on hand if you are going to be applying for a tax credit.

Energy Star – Maintenance Checklist: This page shows you the difference between what tasks your HVAC professional is responsible for, and for what repairs and tasks you as a homeowner are responsible for. The page neatly categorizes the checklist by heating specific, cooling specific, and applicable to all. Not only does the page show you what the tasks are, they also briefly explain what the purpose of each inspection and task is. This is a great link to remember for all homeowners with an HVAC system in their home, as their link covers all the basics regardless of what system you have in your home.

DIYlife.com – Spring Maintenance for Air Conditioning Systems: For the more maintenance-savvy homeowners, DIYlife has created a list of “do-it-yourself” tasks ranging from cleaning evaporator coils to sealing insulation. The page has separate lists for homeowners with central air conditioning units, and homeowners with window air conditioning units. If you are known to make the frequent home repair, than bookmarking this link may be handy.
If you want to read the rest of our San Diego HVAC tips, be sure to check our blog again soon!