The serial number of the Noritz Tankless Water Heater is at the bottom of the data plate on the unit. The first four digits  are the year it was manufactured.  The month, shown here at “06,” mean June. The fifth and sixth digits indicate the month. So the date of manufacture for the serial number shown on this Noritz Water Heater Data Plate, as indicated “2006 06,” is  June 2006.

Shout out to Mcgarry and Madsen from Florida for this useful info.

If you are experiencing problems with your Noritz tankless water heater, the age of the system can tell a lot about your options for repair or replacement. The age of the system can tell you about remaining (if any) warranty coverage, the availability of different types of upgrades, such as installing recirculating pumps (;  and how many years you could expect to have in the remaining life of the system.

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