Throughout the year, your energy bills may vary depending on the weather. As the heat of the summer continues through San Diego and the surrounding areas, you may be wondering what you can do to lower your home’s energy bills without sacrificing comfort. 

Tweaking your cooling, water, and electricity usage just a bit can make a world of difference and increase the energy efficiency within your home. Besides scheduling regular AC tune-ups, here are some practices you can instill within your residence that will help you save money in the long run. 

Temperature Regulation

Within the home, keeping a regularly maintained reasonable temperature is a huge part of keeping the costs down per month. Sure, you should alter the thermostat when not home, but did you know adjusting the temperature in your fridge and freezer can increase efficiency too? 

Interestingly enough, it has been said that setting the fridge to around 38°F is best, and your freezer should be between 0 and 5°F.  At these temperatures, the food in storage remains safe, but the appliances are not working as hard. 

Helpful Hint: Integrating a programmable thermostat can save you a lot of time and money. They can be pre-set to follow your temperature preferences throughout the day. Therefore, if you are running in and out of the home, worrying about whether you adjusted your thermostat before you left is no longer a concern. 

Another factor to consider regarding temperature regulation is strong seals throughout the home. Leaky seals allow the cool air out or the heat to come in, subsequently decreasing the efficiency of your air conditioner. The main areas to check include windows, doors, and appliances such as fridges and freezers.  

Curtains and drapes add a great final touch to promote good temperature regulation within the home. Particularly, those that cover the entire window space and are light filtering or room darkening provide the greatest benefit when trying to stay cool. It will keep the warm air out and cool air in by blocking sunlight and reducing heat. 

Wary Water Usage 

Besides the temperatures in the air, hot water temperatures contribute to the energy bill. Set laundry loads to warm or cold water, and take shorter showers. This will also put less strain on your hot water heater. Also, replacing the showerhead for an energy efficient one can cut water usage significantly. 

Your utility bill will decrease notably by following these steps. 

Smart Power 

Limiting the use of lights within the residence can support lower energy consumption and less money spent on electricity. Besides reducing usage, it is suggested that more energy-efficient lighting options are utilized, including LED light bulbs, dimmer switches, and smart power strips. For those that are not familiar, smart power strips cut off the electric current when the connected items are not being used. Therefore, it leads to energy conservation.

Extra Care from Trusted Professionals

In addition to the steps shared above, having a professional do preventative plumbing maintenance within the home can save you money by lessening the chances of a severe plumbing problem. Moreover, if you notice that something, such as your HVAC system or plumbing, is not working properly, we recommend scheduling an inspection. 

Start saving energy today, or contact an expert at Carini today for more information!