SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — The itching, sneezing and general miserableness caused by allergies is not the ideal way to welcome spring, and the experts are saying the worst may be yet to come.

“We can’t change the pollen count outside, but there are ways to help allergy sufferers breathe easier inside the home,” says Gabriel Carini, who founded the San Diego heating and cooling company nearly a decade ago.

According to ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon, there are four main allergy triggers: pollen, dust mites, mold and pet dander. ( A healthy HVAC system can help you combat them all — the seasonal and year-round triggers.

“The healthiest systems are maintained throughout the year and on a regular basis, not just when something breaks down,” says Carini. “That is why we recommend our customers set up a maintenance agreement with us.”

The air quality inside your home is heavily influenced by your heating and air conditioning system. Clogged filters, dirty coils or leaky ductwork aren’t going to provide the best indoor air quality. A maintenance agreement ensures that the unit is running properly and efficiently.

With your residential maintenance agreement, you get two tune ups per year from one of our air conditioning repair and service technicians. These 22-point checkups are performed in the spring and fall to prepare the system for extreme temperatures as well as diagnose and resolve minor issues before they create problems.

“If you find out you need an air condition repair in the middle of the summer, you’re going to have a harder time finding a company that is available,” says Carini. “This way you’ve established a relationship with a reputable company and taken care of any issues with the system before they become a major, expensive repair.”

Just a few of the components the technician checks during an air conditioner service call are cleaning debris from the condenser, checking and cleaning the evaporator coil, and changing the filter.

“The technician will make sure the homeowner knows how to find and change the air filter or filters too,” says Carini. “That is the single most important task that homeowners can do for their system’s and their family’s health, especially when people have allergies.”

All the repairs we make have a one-year warranty, so if the same part breaks within one year, we repair or replace at no charge to the customer. Our routine system service agreement also includes a discount on system replacement. Our work meets or exceeds all manufacturer and extended warranty requirements for system maintenance and exceeds the federal government’s Energy Star recommendations.

“No more forgetting to schedule that biannual tune up either because we’ll call to remind you that it’s time for your next maintenance appointment,” says Carini.

If you’re interested in setting up a maintenance agreement to improve the health of your indoor comfort system and combat allergens in your home, call our office to schedule an appointment at (619) 843-0997.