It isn’t until you start to experience issues like blocked drains when you start to consider what you’ve been putting down them. More often than not, people think certain items are okay to pour down the kitchen drain or flush down the toilet without realizing the serious repercussions that may require professional plumbing services in San Diego.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the items that you should never put down your drains.

Oil and Grease

Tempting as it is to pour the remaining grease and oil down the drain after cooking, you could be causing some serious plumbing problems for yourself down the road. Grease and oil congeals and lines the interior coating of the pipe, which could start to cause blockages over time.

Flushable Wipes and Baby Wipes

Plenty of wet wipes and baby wipes claim to be flushable, but that isn’t the case. Flushable wipes do not disintegrate as they should, and they can cause damage to plumbing systems, which is why they are better off being disposed of with your regular trash.

Paint and Chemicals

Paint and chemicals should never be poured down the drain because they can cause all sorts of issues, especially if they dry up and become solid. Many Hazardous Waste collection centers are around, so please use them for items like paint and chemicals.

Coffee Grounds

Avoid pouring coffee grounds down the drain because they are quite thick and can build up along the interior lining of your pipe. The good thing is that coffee grounds can be composted, so you can use them for growing your herb or vegetable garden successfully.


Rice tends to expand when it is soaked in water. So if you end up pouring it down your drain, you will end up with the same result inside your pipes. Rice should be thrown out with your organic waste.

Sanitary Products

Like flushable wipes, sanitary products do not disintegrate and break down easily. Flushing them will result in the same issue where they will start to impede water flow over time and ultimately block your drains. This is easily preventable by simply throwing them out with your regular trash.

While these may seem like common sense, you’ll be surprised at what plumbers find down drains. If you are facing any drain issues and need a professional plumber in San Diego, CA, call Carini today!