Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing is San Diego’s premier HVAC contractor, offering repairs and maintenance services on all Lennox heating and air conditioning products. San Diego home and business owners choose Carini for all types of furnace repairs, from cracked heat exchangers to ignition control and faulty thermostats. Furnace and heating system repairs on Lennox, Carrier, Bryant, Rheem and Goodman/Amana systems often fall into the following categories:

1. Problems with faulty thermostats – make sure to check all thermostat batteries before calling for service. Other “stat” issues could be related to faulty wiring or dirt accumulation. Problems might also be solved by replacing a fuse or circuit breaker.

2. Problems with air circulation –  from fan motors, limit switches, belts and bearings:

  1. Loud high pitched sounds upon startup indicate you could have a bad belt.  Belts don’t have to be super expensive but it’s far better to replace them before they break.

3. Dirty or clogged filters that inhibit healthy airflow and can cause other major system problems

4. Problems with the pilot light or ignition controls, causing inconsistent or no heat at all

5. Lack of recommended maintenance can result in system failure, wasted energy and increased utility costs.

Determine Lennox Furnace Age Through the Serial Number

If you can determine the age of your Lennox furnace and heating system, you can save some time in getting it diagnosed properly and figuring out what may or may not be covered under your original Lennox warranty.

Click here to get this handy guide on how to determine system age

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