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Although mini split systems are renowned for their efficiency, convenience, and durability, the occurrence of a glitch in your system is nearly inevitable.

However, when the mini split system in your home or office is on the fritz, you shouldn’t have to think twice about who to call. Here at Carini, our team of professionals is experienced in every aspect of HVAC and plumbing service, drawing on a broad range of expertise to ensure that you receive the unparalleled experience that you deserve.

Among other things, the crew here at Carini specializes in mini split repair, mini split installation, and other ductless air conditioner repairs, serving you with the know-how you need for this popular cooling and heating system.

Common Repairs for Mini Splits and Ductless Air Conditioners

Compressor issues
As with traditional AC systems, mini split system compressors sit in the outdoor cabinet with the condenser and condenser fan. The compressor pressurizes the system’s refrigerant, and when it isn’t working properly, warm air will blow from your unit instead of cool air. Being complex and containing refrigerant, compressors require a person with training and certification to handle the work.

Indoor blower issues
Many mini split repairs involve indoor blowers. Each mini split indoor blower contains a fan, a small air filter, and a set of coils. In the event of a malfunction in any of these components, the operation of the blower will be negatively affected.

Refrigerant issues

A ductless system’s indoor blowers connect to the outdoor unit via a conduit that contains a power cord, a condensate drain line, and a refrigerant line. Because the refrigerant and condensate lines can be quite long, issues can arise if they develop leaks or clogs.

What to Expect from Routine Maintenance on Your Mini Split System

In addition to mini split repairs in the event of a breakdown or glitch, Carini also offers routine maintenance to keep your system in top condition. During a maintenance check, you can expect:

–Air filters to be checked and cleaned as necessary.

–Indoor air handlers and coils to be inspected to ensure cleanliness and airflow.

–Drainage lines to be checked for clogs.

–Indoor and outdoor coils to be cleaned using specialized brushes and cleaning solutions.

–Refrigerant lines to be checked for leaks.

–Refrigerant line insulation to be inspected.

–Electrical terminals to be inspected and connections tightened if necessary.

–Motor parts to receive lubrication to prevent friction if needed.

–Thermostats to be calibrated.

–The outdoor unit to be checked to ensure it is firmly mounted and that the fan and wheel blower assembly is balanced properly.

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For consumers in search of an extra measure of protection, extended warranties are offered for up to 10 years of coverage.

All new air conditioning and heating systems include a manufacturer’s limited warranty that provides for free part replacement for a specified time period. It is important to note, however, that associated costs of part replacement, such as refrigerant, EPA charges, welding and recovery fees, handling fees and labor are generally not covered under a manufacturer’s limited warranty.

A Manufacturer’s Extended Warranty provides replacement coverage for consumers and protects them from unexpected bills and inflation. This guarantees your HVAC equipment will be repaired by a factory-trained Carini Air technician and only manufacturer parts will be used.



  • Peace of mind
  • Inflation protection
  • Parts and labor are covered when a covered part must be replaced
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  • Our factory-trained service technicians will complete any necessary repair work

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