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Apartment building and condominium owners and tenants often have either no air conditioning or systems that are old, inefficient, and sometimes dangerous. Radiant heat installed in ceilings is an example of an outdated technology that is expensive to operate and has been known to present fire hazards to building occupants. Other technology, similar to what you would find in hotel rooms, are called P-Tac units. These are really glorified window air conditioners that also drive up utility costs with very spotty coverage throughout the layout of the unit.

Ductless mini splits are a great solution for apartment and condo owners, providing occupants with low cost heating and air conditioning that can be operated in each room independently of the others. Outdoor condensing units can be placed inconspicuously on balconies or patios, taking up minimal space and operating at extremely low decibel levels. This keeps neighbors happy in even the tightest quarters. Indoor configurations can be tailored to owner and tenant needs, with multi-zone wall or ceiling units in bedrooms, dens and living room/dining rooms; and single zone systems in studio apartments.

Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing has extensive experience working with condo and apartment owners, HOAs and property managers. We know how to bring economies of scale to multi-unit properties for builders, owners, and managers – saving you money and making installation as efficient as possible. We’re also skilled at working with municipal building inspectors to streamline the inspection process and minimize occupant inconveniences.

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