SAN DIEGO, California, November 19, 2014 – Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing is proud to announce the availability of a great new programmable thermostat from Toronto, Canada – based thermostat manufacturer, Ecobee. The Ecobee3 is similar in look and feel to the popular NEST thermostat, but has some additional distinguishing features that make it ideal for climates like we have in the San Diego area.

The company positions this new device for “Homes That Have More Than One Room,” a kind of tongue and cheek reference to its unique ability to place up to 32 additional remote temperature sensors in different locations throughout a home. These sensors enable the measurement of temperature and occupancy in multiple areas of the home, providing increased comfort when you’re home and energy savings when you’re not. Additionally, homeowners can monitor and control their ecobee3 thermostat from anywhere, with easy-to-use smartphone or tablet apps.

Ecobee3 programmable thermostat

Three Built in Sensors
There are three sensors built into the Ecobee3. One sensor wakes up the display when you get close to the unit. This is called the proximity sensor. Another one, called the occupancy sensor, tells the thermostat is the room is currently occupied. And a third sensor measures temperature in the room in which it is located.

Ecobee stat photo 2

Connectivity Through Most Standard WiFi Routers
The Ecobee3 works with any typical 802.11 b/g/n WiFi router. These include routers from manufacturers including Cisco and Linksys. Here is a link to some popular Ecobee-compatible routers

HERO Program Approved
The HERO financing program is growing in popularity throughout San Diego County for its simple application, tax deductible interest payments and qualification based on home equity versus credit reporting. HERO is designed to encourage homeowners to install high efficiency and energy saving HVAC products, and a programmable thermostat is normally a component of these kinds of systems. At Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing, we recommend the Ecobee3 to customers financing their heating and air conditioning purchases through the HERO Program.