Ask the average San Diego homeowner or business owner about ductless mini splits, and most will tell you they believe mini splits are for air conditioning only. We’re here to correct this common misconception by summarizing some of the features and benefits of mini split technology as it relates to providing energy efficient heating in particular!

Heat Pump Technology Makes For All-In-One Solution

American Standard by Mitsubishi mini split systems employ heat pump technology, which allow the same compressor to provide heat and air conditioning. Because one compressor provides both heating and air conditioning, you won’t need a separate furnace to couple with your air conditioning system.

Consistent Performance With Hyper Heating Technology

Our complete line of American Standard by Mitsubishi ductless mini splits feature an innovative and exclusive technology called “​Hyper Heating​.” ​An enhanced compressor system reliably keeps you comfortable, even at super-frosty outside temperatures down to sub-zero levels of -13° F. Since San Diego’s perfect climate rarely approaches freezing, you’ll never have a problem heating even your coldest rooms quickly and efficiently.

Immediate Warmth With Hot-Start Technology

An integral component in all American Standard by Mitsubishi mini split models, Hot-Start Technology quickly delivers warmth when turned on. This reduces drafts and enables you to enjoy the heated air right away.

Intelligent 3D i-see Sensor™

Some models of the American Standard by Mitsubishi mini split line use advanced features like the ​3D i-see Sensor™​ to monitor the number of people in rooms and adjust the temperature automatically. These units can even sense when a room is empty and automatically switch to energy saving mode without being controlled by a user.


So don’t just consider ductless mini splits for air conditioning! They provide the same, on demand, energy efficient heat wherever you need it most – without having to heat every room at once like traditional heating and air conditioning systems.