SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Carini Heating And Air Conditioning is offering one of the latest gadgets in the thermostat arena called The Nest Learning Thermostat, created by Apple innovator Tony Fadell.

Fadell, who worked extensively on the iPod and iPhone while at Apple, created the thermostat to learn the user’s preferred temperatures and schedule, programming itself to save the homeowner money.

“A properly programmed thermostat can yield significant savings on heating and cooling costs,” says Gabriel Carini, the owner of the San Diego HVAC company. “Unfortunately, many of them aren’t programmed correctly.”

The Nest Learning Thermostat was designed for people who do not like programming thermostats, which is about 90 percent of the population, according to Matt Rogers, the founder and vice president of engineering at Nest.

Carini says that the thermostat senses when the user has left the house or come home connects to Wi-Fi so it can be controlled remotely, and gives tips and feedback on energy use. The Nest technology also detects how long it takes for heat to dissipate from the house and adjusts accordingly. It has far-field motion detection that automatically puts the heating and cooling unit into low-energy mode when no one is home.

“If you want to use Nest as a programmable thermostat, creating and adjusting your schedule is easier than programming an alarm clock. You can do it on Nest itself, or on the Web and Mobile apps,” says Rogers.

In Schedule Learning mode, the Nest thermostat also tracks manual adjustments to the air conditioning and heating settings. If the user turns up the air conditioning at night and back down in the morning, the thermostat learns these patterns and starts to automatically make the adjustments.

“This new technology is a great option for all types of homeowners and makes saving money on energy costs that much easier,” Carini says.