With the winter months soon upon us, it’s important for homeowners to ensure their plumbing is up to speed to prevent any cold-weather issues. While the winter temperatures in California aren’t as harsh as the Midwest or East Coast, it can still get pretty chilly, and heavy rainstorms that occur during the winter months can sometimes lead to cracked pipes and shifted drain pipes.

The following checklist will help you determine if your plumbing is working as it should. If you come across any issues and require the assistance of a professional plumber in San Diego, CA, our team at Carini is standing by.

Check Pipes for Leaks and Cracks

Cracked, leaking pipes are at risk for bursting, especially when the temperatures dip below freezing. Inspect any visible pipes for cracks, then test your water pressure by running the water in your home’s faucets and shower heads. If you notice the water pressure is significantly lower, this may suggest a leak.

To avoid burst pipes or further damage, it’s important to contact a professional if you detect any sort of leak or spot even minor cracks in visible pipes. The good news is, Carini offers a wide range of plumbing services in San Diego, including pipe repair and replacement.

Outdoor Spigot and Hose Maintenance

Before the winter storms and cooler temperatures set in, it’s a good idea to drain any residual water from outdoor spigots, then detach your hoses. Close the shutoff valves leading to the spigots outside, and roll up your hoses and store them until the weather warms up.

Winterize Your Water Heater

If your water heater is located in your garage, you’ll want to make sure that any exposed pipes are wrapped with electrical tape or insulation cloths to prevent heat loss. You can also invest in a heater blanket that’s specifically designed to provide insulation. This is also a good time to schedule a water heater inspection to ensure its components are working properly and ready to tackle the winter temps.

Helpful Tips for Cold Snaps

California winter weather can be unpredictable, as temperatures can reach the 70s one day, then drop down into the 40s or lower when the sun sets. When you’re facing a cold snap, open up any cabinet doors in your kitchen that have pipes behind them, as this will allow the heat inside your home to warm up the pipes. If and when the temperature reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, allowing your faucets to run very slightly can help reduce the chance of pipes freezing up and bursting.

Professional Plumbers Available 24/7

If you’ve completed your own plumbing inspection and detected any leaks, cracks, or any other type of issue, or if you would simply prefer a professional eye when conducting your winter checks, our team at Carini is happy to assist. We can help with inspections, water heater installs, repairs and any other winter plumbing needs you may have, and we are available 24/7 for plumbing emergencies.