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Heating, Air & 24/7 Plumbing

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Carini Heating & Air San Diego, CA

serving san diego since 2006

The Best HVAC Company & Certified Plumbers in San Diego, California

We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business of experienced HVAC contractors and certified plumbers that serves San Diego County, CA, and the surrounding regions in Southern California. Since 2006, the primary goals for our growing company remain unchanged: to provide energy efficient HVAC and plumbing products, outstanding customer service, and practical solutions for plumbing, air conditioning, and heating services for residential and commercial customers.

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Reduce Energy Costs with Ductless Heating & Air

A mini-split system (or wall mounted unit) is a more efficient and less expensive residential heating and cooling system than the traditional options. This specific system requires minimal labor costs for installation and it allows you to air condition or heat any room independently of the others. Give our HVAC contractors a call today to provide ductless mini split installations, repairs, replacements, or maintenance services for your home!

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Find out what's really in your local drinking water

Our founder, Gabriel Carini tests San Diego’s drinking water and clarifies the term “hard water”. He’ll show you how to simply and effectively purify your home’s drinking water.

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VIP Priority Service

When you sign up for a PMA, you immediately become our priority and can enjoy the benefits of becoming a Carini Service Partner™. When you call us, we will take your call before others and schedule your jobs with certified plumbers and HVAC contractors first, including both routine and emergency requests in the many areas in and around San Diego County, CA. 

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Why Shouldn’t You Use Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Why Shouldn’t You Use Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Chemical drain cleaners are touted as an alternative to paying a plumber and a quick fix to drainage woes in the bathroom and kitchen, but the truth is that these caustic substances can be dangerous to use and may even make things worse. Harmful Solution for Clogged...

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