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Fast and Effective Drain Cleaning Service and Sewer Inspection for San Diego

Drain Service and Pipe Repair San Diego County, CaliforniaCarini’s drain cleaning service takes care of a clogged drain, toilet, or sink to ensure your home’s plumbing system runs at maximum efficiency. As San Diego County’s premier drain cleaning company, we provide our plumbers with extensive repair training so they can handle all blocked drain clearing situations that arise. Your search for an efficient and affordable drain cleaner ends here!

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

  • Cleaner home
  • No more sewage smell
  • Increased efficiency saves you money
  • Avoid the need for more expensive plumbing repairs

Drain and Sewer Video Camera Inspections

Sewer video inspection is a process where our factory trained plumbing experts run a video line into the waste pipes in your home to view and confirm blockages. Depending on the nature of your plumbing problem, the video camera could go through your home’s branch lines, which are pipes that connect bathtubs and faucets to the home’s sewer line; or it might be snaked through your home’s sewer line – which is the larger pipe that connects your home water system to the municipal sewer line located in the street. The camera is a high tech instrument that allows us to inspect the line up-close and in real-time.

The drain and sewer video cameras employed by Carini drain service specialists have powerful lights that are self-righting, meaning the image picture always stays upright. The camera is high-resolution and allows recording of the video.

Most importantly, these cameras have transmitters at the end which can help the plumbing technician locate blocked points in the drain or pipe.

Here are a few other reasons why you might want to invest in a sewer camera video:

  • Finding Lost Jewelry – Everyone gets that terrible feeling the second that wedding ring or locket goes down the drain or toilet. But a video inspection could be the answer to locating that lost item before it washes completely through your system.
  • Home Plumbing Inspection – A plumbing video is a relatively inexpensive way to inspect the plumbing system before you buy a home.

Are Roots Damaging Your Sewer Lines?

Tree roots can absolutely destroy sewer piping and become the real cause behind clogged drains and need for pipe repair. Roots can get into PVC pipes by pushing there way into pipe joints and connectors. They are drawn to the warmth and moisture and can get into loose joints or cracked metal. A video camera inspection can help get to the root  cause (sorry for the pun)!

Drain Snaking

Drain snaking is one method that can be used to clear household drains. Each type of drain – kitchen, bath, shower, laundry, and toilet – require various snaking methods to remove clogs and other types of pipe blockages. Rather than risk damaging sewer lines and drains with improper snaking techniques, you can feel confident that our trained plumbing techs will use the right methods and best practices to protect your home plumbing system.

Prevent Drain Problems Before They Get Really Bad

Practice a little TLC and pay attention to what’s happening in your drains. There’s a lot you can do to limit the worst kinds of drain repair issues often seen by the average homeowner. Some of the following might be early signs of drain and sewer pipe problems that can be addressed before they become major repairs:

What’s That Smell in the Sink?

When we wash water and waste down the drain, it might end up where you hope it does – into the city wastewater system and completely out of your pipes. That may not be the end of it! Some types of waste get stuck in your pipes. And over time, waste stuck in pipes can rot, creating sticky odors in your bathrooms, kitchens, and baths. This is one of the first signs of a drain problem, often followed by a clog.

What are the top things NOT to put down San Diego drains?

  1. Coffee – Coffee grounds, especially mixed with grease is a drain clog waiting to happen.
  2. Grease and cooking oils – grease, fat, and oil poured down drains result in over 47 percent of sewer backups and drain clogs in the US, according to plumbing industry statistics.
  3. Produce stickers – What responsible adult would put those little Chiquita banana stickers down the drain? Well, you might not, but you never know what kids or visitors might throw into the sink causing a clog, so educate the kids about paper not being compatible with your sinks and drains.
  4. Flushable cat litter – Yep, it’s too good to be true. There are lots of reasons NOT to flush cat litter down the toilet. Flushable cat litter clogs drains and is a nightmare for homes with septic systems. Cat feces can contain a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. When you flush cat feces in the toilet, it gets into the ocean ecosystem and isn’t neutralized by water treatment plants. It then can hurt marine animals, especially sea otters.
  5. Flushable wipes – most brands of flushable toilet wipes don’t break down in home plumbing systems like regular toilet tissue. And then they can combine with other materials like grease and oils, to create huge clogs that can cause major damage to drain pipes and sewers.

Are Your Pipes Draining Slowly?

It’s not uncommon to see pipes starting to drain slowly, along with that stinky smell. That smelly clog is also slowing down the flow of water. If you take care of the clog before it gets bigger, you’ll be going a long way to preventing bigger and more expensive blocked drain problems.

Keep Hair Away From Sinks and Showers

Hair is going to fall out whether we like it or not as a natural bodily function. But there are ways to limit the amounts of hair washed down sinks and showers. Put a paper towel or two in the sink when trimming beards or shaving heads and catch the trimmed hair before it can get to the drain. Throw away the paper towels in the garbage to keep it away from drains and sewers.

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