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A plumbing emergency can occur at the most inconvenient time – and San Diego homeowners should have a go-to plumber they can call at any time for flooding, drain and sewer repairs, toilet, bath and sink clogs and back-ups; and other emergency plumbing repairs. Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing is licensed, bonded, insured and certified to take care of your worst plumbing nightmares around the clock, 24/7, with quick service and affordable pricing.

What to Do When You Have a Plumbing Emergency

1.) Turn off the main water supply to your house.

The valve to shut off all the water coming into your home in San Diego is normally just outside at an outside wall. Turn off this main shut-off valve by turning it clockwise. It’s a good idea to gather up all the family and show them where this shut-off valve can be found and how to turn it off. Remember that this will cut off ALL the water in your house, including toilets, sinks and showers. So don’t plan to use any of these faucets or toilets until the plumbing problem is fixed and the main water is turned back on.

If you see a major plumbing problem coming from a specific sink, toilet or other outlet, you can also turn off the water to that device by shutting off the valve attached to toilet or under the sink, for example. That way, you can stop the flow of water for a specific problem without shutting off water to the entire house.

Here are some photos of common shut-off valves that you can turn off at local plumbing devices:

Toilet Shut-Off Valve

Under the Sink Shut-off Valves

2. For Bathroom or Kitchen Flooding, Turn off the Electricity

Here’s another handy lesson to give everyone in your home: learn where to find the breaker box and how to turn off power to specific areas of the house. Standing water from a flood and electrical power to appliances and lighting is a bad combination! If you experience a bathroom or kitchen flood, DO NOT try to wade into the water to inspect the causes of the flooding until you turn off all electric power to the flooded areas. You never want to risk electrocution by touching wet appliances, so become familiar with the breaker box and be better safe than sorry!

An identifier sheet like the one pictured can help you quickly navigate the breaker box.

3. Clear the Floor and Remove Water-Damaged Furniture and Appliances

After you’ve shut-off the water to the affected areas or from the water main coming into your home; and then turned off the electricity in the affected rooms; it’s then a good time to try and salvage furniture or appliances that were damaged from the plumbing problem. Move all wet items to dry areas of the house or let them dry outside. Your goal is to try and save water-damaged items and to prevent the growth of dangerous mold and mildew.

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