Pipe Repair



Repipe Your San Diego Home: Clean Water, Great Water Pressure and No More Leaks!

Pipe Repair – San Diego Plumbing-Carini AirThere are many reasons you may need to install new pipes in your home or business. Pipes may be old, corroded or leaky; or made with materials that are outdated or even banned. San Diego homeowners luckily don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures causing pipe damage, but they should pay attention to signs that point to possible pipe repair – including things like leaks, bad smells, corrosion, or water meters moving when they shouldn’t.

What exactly is a Re-pipe?

A Re-Pipe is the removal and replacement of all hot and cold water supply pipes in your home or business. This can be achieved with the use of copper or PEX Flexible piping.

Why would I need a Re-pipe?

Your hot and cold water pipes may be old, corroded copper, at risk of leaks or costly flood damage. Even worse, many homes in San Diego were constructed with polybutylene pipes that are grey, white or black in color, and were installed in the 1970’s through the mid-1990’s. Poly pipes are at high risk of failure and should be replaced immediately.


If you’re concerned about the quality of pipes in your home, call the expert plumbing team at Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing to set up an in-home analysis. Our comprehensive plumbing analysis includes inspection of all fixtures, pipes and sewer to ensure safety, identify potential problems and provide repair costs.