Sewer Camera


Sewer Video Inspection: Get to the Bottom of Your Plumbing Issues!

Sewer Camera Inspections – San Diego Plumbing – CariniIf you want to be exactly sure what’s going on with your pipes, the best way to do so is to conduct a sewer video inspection. By using state-of-the-art sewer cameras, Carini can give you a detailed diagnosis of the state of your plumbing so you can make the most informed decision on next steps.

The most common reasons for sewer line video inspections include blockages that don’t respond to plunging, store-bought liquid drain cleaners, or sewer or drain snakes.

Other signs that you might need a video inspection of your sewer include recurring sewer odors, toilet overflows, or water that drains very slowly.

Drain and Sewer Video Cameras Help Find the Clog

Our factory trained expert plumbers can identify blockages and damaged pipes by running our high tech video cameras into the waste pipes in your home. Depending on the severity of your plumbing problem, the video camera can extend through your house’s branch lines. These are the pipes that connect fixtures such as bathtubs and faucets to the home’s sewer line. Additionally, it might be snaked through your home’s sewer line – the larger size pipe that connects your home water system to the municipal sewer line that is in the street. The camera is a high tech instrument that allows us to inspect the line up-close, in real-time and high definition.

Carini drain service specialists use powerful lights that are self-righting, meaning the image picture always stays upright. The camera allows recording of the video.

Our plumbing techs locate blocked points in the drain or sewer, by viewing images that are send via transmitters.

Here are a few other reasons why you might want to invest in a sewer camera video:

  • Finding Lost Jewelry – Everyone gets that terrible feeling the second that wedding ring or locket goes down the drain or toilet. But a video inspection could be the answer to locating that lost item before it washes completely through your system.
  • Home Plumbing Inspection – A plumbing video is a relatively inexpensive way to inspect the plumbing system before you buy a home.

Are roots damaging your sewer lines?

Tree roots can absolutely destroy sewer piping and become the real cause behind clogged drains and need for pipe repair. Roots can get into PVC pipes by pushing there way into pipe joints and connectors. They are drawn to the warmth and moisture and can get into loose joints or cracked metal. A video camera inspection can help get to the root cause (sorry for the pun)!