Water Filtration


Which water softener system or water filtration system is best for treating San Diego water?

San Diego Water Filtration Systems – SD Plumbing – CariniIn the city of San Diego, our drinking water is treated at three water treatment plants: Miramar, Alvarado, and Otay. All drinking water is required by law to be disinfected, ensuring that all dangerous microbes are rendered harmless according to city, state, and federal regulations. San Diego utilizes some of the more advanced water filtration technologies available. The Miramar and Alvarado plants use ozone for Primary Disinfection. The Otay Treatment Plant employs chlorine dioxide for primary disinfection.  The city of San Diego does its job of meeting stringent water filtration standards, responsible for ensuring high quality drinking water. But no municipality can keep out the wide variety of materials used in plumbing components or that might be picked up along the way to your home or business.

Thus, the need for water filtration and water softening products.

Water softener systems remove mineral buildup (AKA scale), while water filtration systems remove a larger variety of substances from your water. Carini has extensive knowledge of the various types of water treatment systems on the market and can help you find the perfect setup for your home or business.

Carini plumbers service all types and brands of water filtration and water softening products, including the following brands: