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Heating and air conditioning repair and Plumbing is what we do as the largest contractor for Mitsubishi ductless mini splits in San Diego and one of the top mini split dealers across the United States. Our entire staff of professionals – including installers, field service reps and design specialists – are factory trained by Mitsubishi Electric, the biggest manufacturer and seller of ductless mini splits throughout the world.

Designing and installing mini split systems is both an art and a science. We pay strict attention to both indoor and outdoor units, creating an elegant, holistic solution that doesn’t interfere with the character and design of the structure –  while adding to the home’s value. We go to great lengths to show our customers exactly what can be done to achieve the most energy efficient configurations, designed for maximum comfort and flexibility. Because of our extensive experience with mini split technology in vintage and custom homes, multi-family and commercial/professional environments, we present creative solutions that other companies may ignore. We provide maximum benefit to homeowners, and not just systems that we want to install to make our lives easier or to increase our profits. Specializing in mini split technology – more than any HVAC contractor in San Diego – gives us a big competitive advantage that results in more satisfied customers

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