VRF - San Diego Air ConditioningVariable Refrigerant Flow or VRF is the technology powering mini-split ACs. VRF is energy-efficient and provides precise comfort control for indoor use. Due to its nature, Variable Refrigerant Flow has various uses, cooling or heating everything from a single room to large commercial buildings. It allows for precise control of room temperature and can even simultaneously cool one room and heat the other. It allows you to set up zones, different rooms or areas conditioned to a set temperature. A single zone can be controlled independently from other zones within a same building or structure. Because of this, ductless ACs offer more flexibility and allow combining multiple rooms into a zone. And because of their streamlined design, mini-splits offer more usable space and various design options. Some of the main benefits of the VRF are detailed below.


Ductless Mini-Splits are highly energy efficient due to the design of their mechanism. Most traditional ACs operate either at 0 or 100 percent, meaning that they are either on or off. Because of this the traditional ACs waste energy in partial-load conditions. Even if they have various stages, they can’t be compared to the versatility of the mini-ducts.

Mini-ducts operate only at the minimum energy levels necessary because the Inverter compressor can set its speed in order to maintain the comfort level you desire. They power up extremely fast when providing the energy needed to heat or cool down a zone. Because of this, VRF systems are about 25 percent more efficient than the traditional AC systems.

Zoning System

Apart from being energy-efficient, VRF systems offer tailored comfort through their zoning function. You can design and designate different zones to fit your needs depending on the occupancy, diversity and solar gain. The mini-split units are equipped with sensors able to detect the room temperature allowing better temperature management. Some ductless ACs are equipped with sensors able to compare air and floor temperature and optimize the room temperature accordingly. Advanced VRF systems even allow simultaneous cooling and heating of different zones. The AC controller unit can utilize the energy of a zone that doesn’t need it for a different zone. For example, if you have two units and one of them is cooling down a zone, it can use the eliminated heat to warm the other zone, saving incredible amounts of electricity.

Silent Operation

The compressor and evaporator units are housed in separate units and this VRF design provides quiet operation both indoors and outdoors. This makes ductless mini-splits ideal for public buildings like libraries, schools, and theaters, as well as for the bedroom and the living room of your own home. The highest sound pressure levels for indoor units peak at 47dB (A) at the highest speed, which is significantly less than the traditional AC systems.

Easy to Install and Maintain

The installation process for the ductless mini-splits requires fewer materials and less labor compared to the traditional AC units. In addition, given its size it is easier to transport and the installation times are significantly shorter. Apart from that, VRF’s performance is regularly modified to maximize comfort and performance. They require less maintenance than water-cooled AC units because the issues regarding water treatment are avoided. The only maintenance ductless systems require is servicing coils and replacing filters.

Aesthetic Perfection

The design of ductless mini-splits allows for more usable space. VRF systems are created so that they go unnoticed by the eye and the ear. They are compact, light and can be fit into much smaller spaces than traditional AC units. Indoor units come in various styles that will fit any design, whether you are getting them in your home or an office building.

Lower Costs

Because ductless mini-split systems have fewer components than traditional systems, the initial equipment costs are significantly reduced. Installation costs are also cheaper as easy-to-install mini-splits and smaller refrigerant pipes take less time to set-up.

Safety first

VRF mini-splits are designed so that the filters are easily accessible while the wiring and other dangerous components are safely housed, protecting the user as well. As product safety begins with installation, VRF systems being easy to install are much safer than traditional AC systems. Both outdoor and indoor units are smaller, making them easier and less dangerous to set-up. Additionally, if you properly insulate the pipes you will never have to worry about condensation issues or mold.

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