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Maintaining a properly functioning HVAC system can add years to the life of your system while improving energy efficiency and performance. Whether you need a quick service call to fix a nagging problem or are interested in an ongoing maintenance program, our service department is just a phone call away! We have a variety of heating and air conditioning service plans for San Diego residents to meet your specific needs.

Our maintenance agreements offer routine system servicing/maintenance. Our expertly trained service technicians will inspect your system twice annually or once each quarter to ensure it runs properly. Our agreement with you is designed to meet or exceed all manufacturer and extended warranty requirements for system maintenance and exceeds the federal government’s Energy Star recommendations. Having a maintenance agreement means your air conditioning or heating system will be kept running at peak performance year round and is ideal for homeowners or businesses that want the peace of mind in knowing their HVAC investment will last for years to come.

Many people wonder how maintenance agreements enhance the manner in which their systems operate, improve energy efficiency, and save money by preventing needless repairs in the future.

Here’s how:

 Biannual checkups of heating and AC systems allow for diagnosis and resolution of minor issues before they create problems during extreme weather.

 Our heating and air conditioner repairs carry a one-year warranty. If the same part fails within a year, repair or replacement is at our expense, not yours.

 You save on system replacement. When it is time to replace your AC system, maintenance agreement members are given a 10 percent discount.

 Maintenance Agreement Check-Up Scheduling. We will keep track of your checkups and call you to schedule a convenient appointment time.

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* Exception: If a repair is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, that warranty will apply.

Extended Warranties

For consumers in search of an extra measure of protection, extended warranties are offered for up to 10 years of coverage.

All new air conditioning and heating systems include a manufacturer’s limited warranty that provides for free part replacement for a specified time period. It is important to note, however, that associated costs of part replacement, such as refrigerant, EPA charges, welding and recovery fees, handling fees and labor are generally not covered under a manufacturer’s limited warranty.

A Manufacturer’s Extended Warranty provides replacement coverage for consumers and protects them from unexpected bills and inflation. This guarantees your HVAC equipment will be repaired by a factory-trained Carini Air technician and only manufacturer parts will be used.

Your Benefits

 Peace of mind

 Inflation protection

 Parts and labor are covered when a covered part must be replaced

 Knowing your cost for total comfort – up to 10 years in advance

 Original parts will be replaced with genuine manufacturer parts

 Our factory-trained service technicians will complete any necessary repair work

Extended warranties improve home value because they are transferable to subsequent owners, provided the equipment remains in its original configuration at its original installation site.