A Mission Hills homeowner called us to perform a video sewer line inspection, and provide a detailed estimate on a drain and sewer issue that had been causing problems for a number of years. Different plumbers had worked on this 96 year old main house drain and sewer over the years, patching the old galvanized cast iron pipes with plastic ABS. The sewer line runs under the house and then down a steep hill, before emptying into the City of San Diego lateral that runs through the canyon in back of the many adjacent homes.  After performing a video camera pipe inspection, it was determined that there were roots growing into the sewer in multiple spots, and we were hired to remove the old pipes, replacing them with all new ABS material, performing what is referred to as a Repipe.

While examining the pipes with our video camera, we also uncovered an area at the bottom of the hill where the house’s sewer lateral empties into the city main sewer line. Previous plumbers had used concrete to cover the area over a space between the bottom of the house’s sewer line, to where it connects to the City main. After digging a deep hole to inspect and locate the connection of the home’s sewer lateral, we removed the concrete and securely attached the new ABS into the City lines.

Carini plumbing techs doing video sewer inspection

Video of roots growing into san diego sewer












Roots that grew into sewer pipe










Old Mission Hills sewer pipes going down hill into canyon

Removed galvanized pipe from Mission Hills sewer

Performing sewer pipe repair calculations












Carini Installs New Sewer in Mission Hills, San Diego vintage home

After the sewer repipe in Mission Hills, San Diego, the ABS is repaired and covered.