If your sewer line is blocked, it could indicate a serious issue in your drainage system. If it is ignored for too long, you could end up with expensive repairs and exposure to contamination. 

So, the sooner you recognize these signs of a clogged sewer line, the better!

Multiple Drains Around Your Home Back Up

If you notice your toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks are slow-moving, smelling bad, or making gurgling sounds, it could be because of a main sewer clog further down the pipes, not immediately in the drain. Similarly, if you notice water backing up, this is not normal and could indicate a blockage somewhere. It is crucial to call a specialist to inspect the problem so that it can be pinpointed, isolated, and fixed before any catastrophic damage to your property.

Water Backs Up When You Flush Your Toilets

If you flush your toilets and notice that water is gurgling or backing up, then there is a clog somewhere preventing water from properly flowing through the sewer lines. Some indications include water backing up in the shower or bathtub when you flush the toilet, water levels rising in the toilet after flushing, and sinks and toilets backing up when you turn on the washing machine. It means that wastewater has nowhere to go and will be forced back up. Again, this requires a professional check to identify the exact problem.

Standing Water Around Your Sewer Cleanout

Your sewer cleanout is a standing pipe around your home that provides access to your sewer line. You’ll usually find it in the basement or outside your home and it has a rectangular or round cap marking. If you notice water pouring out of it or standing water around it, then this is a clear indicator of a clog in the sewage line. A plumber will use advanced technology to find out exactly where the clog lies before any rectification work is done.

Floor Drain Sewage Backing Up

If you notice water backing up or pooling around your floor drains, then you’ll know there is a blockage somewhere in the sewer line. Since wastewater has nowhere to go, it will eventually back up, and you will notice it sitting inside your floor drain.

Never ignore these signs because they could indicate serious issues. Call the plumbing services experts at Carini today to take care of your sewer line clogs!