ALPINE, CALIFORNIA – When the air conditioning goes on the fritz, it seems to pick the worst time imaginable. But according to El Cajon air conditioning expert Gabriel Carini, there is a simple way to prevent the majority of common AC problems.

“Every summer, we get an influx of calls about broken or malfunctioning air conditioning systems, and the majority of the time the problem could have been prevented or quickly remedied before it turned into a major AC repair,” says Carini, the owner of Cariniair a company that provides air conditioning in Santee.

These are six of the most common air conditioning malfunctions:

1. Frozen inside coil
2. Outside unit not running
3. Outside fan not working
4. Low refrigerant
5. Clogged filter
6. Faulty wiring

“The reason these are preventable is because they almost always relate to routine maintenance on the HVAC system,” the heating and cooling expert says. “We know that it is easy for homeowners and business owners to get busy and forget to do basic maintenance on the unit, so we offer preventive maintenance plans for residential and commercial indoor comfort systems.”

Keeping up with the basic maintenance is what keeps units running at peak efficiency, as well as preventing problems, and protecting and prolonging the life of the equipment. Our preventive maintenance plan includes two 12-point checkups of the HVAC system each year, a yearlong warranty on all repairs, and a 10 percent discount on system and parts replacement.

“We also call clients to remind them that they need to schedule their biannual tuneup, so they don’t have to worry about missing one,” says Carini, an Alpine air conditioning expert.

His maintenance agreements can be purchased for $165 for one unit or for multiple unit plans, which are offered at a discounted price. A homeowner can save money by opting for a maintenance agreement instead of paying separately for a spring and fall tuneup since one tuneup by itself costs $89. Plus, with the preventive plan they get the discount and warranty should the system need any minor repairs or replacement parts.