Ask Our HVAC Professional About How Programmable Thermostats Can Save On Heating And Cooling Costs

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Residential or commercial clients who are trying to save money on heating and cooling costs should consider including a programmable thermostat in their plan, according to Gabriel Carini, owner of a San Diego heating and air conditioning service and installation company.

The thermostat saves energy by letting users control when, for how long and at what temperature their heating or cooling system is on, says Carini, San Diego heater repair expert. If a business is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., they can schedule the HVAC system to be “set back” to a higher or lower temperature, depending on the season, for the times when no one is at the office. Homeowners can schedule a set-back for while they are gone to work or school and while they are sleeping. Read more