AC Freezing Up? Three Reasons Why It Happens

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA-Maybe you notice the house is too warm or you hear the unit running but the air doesn’t feel cold. Sound familiar? Chances are your air conditioning unit has frozen up.

“Once the frost has built up in the system, it is practically useless for cooling until you can identify and fix the problem to prevent it from happening again,” says Gabriel Carini, who is an El Cajon air conditioning business owner. Read more

Carini Adds Ecobee Smart Thermostat Which Offers Functionality, Savings, Extras

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – A programmable thermostat is a great way to save money on heating and cooling costs, which typically comprise 50 to 70 percent of overall home energy use, but it only saves money if it is being used correctly.

Many homeowners do not utilize their thermostats’ benefits due to complicated programming instructions, but ecobee Smart Thermostat eliminates that problem, according to Gabriel Carini, who recently added the product to what he offers through his San Diego heating and air conditioning repair company. Read more