Should I have My Ducts Cleaned?

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – People are sweating more than just the rising temps this time of year. They are sweating the thought of a rising utility bill and fears of a stagnant HVAC system circulating dirty air into their homes as their AC kicks it into high gear.

A desire to keep their summer electricity bill at “spring time” lows and to keep their family healthy makes many homeowners susceptible to empty promises of money-saving, health-improving services, including our favorite: routine air duct cleaning. Read more

Protect Your Family During Furnace Season

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -The holiday season probably has most people wrapped up in a flurry of friends, family, shopping deals or travel, and as temperatures dip lower people turn on the furnace without a second thought.
That is why Gabriel Carini, owner of a San Diego air conditioning and heating service, repair and installation company, is reminding homeowners to have their furnaces inspected and cleaned to prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.
“We know that furnace maintenance is not exactly the first thing on anyone’s mind, but we also want to make sure everyone stays safe,” says Carini, who is an expert in heating and air conditioning installation.

Celebrating Our Eighth Anniversary

AN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Carini Heating and Air Conditioning recently celebrated its eighth anniversary.

Gabriel Carini, a heating and air conditioning repair expert, founded the business in November 2003. In October, he moved his business to a new office in San Diego, CA with a larger shop area.
“Our business continues to grow rapidly, and we found that we needed to expand our square footage in order to better serve our customers,” says Carini, an experienced heating contractor. Read more